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Cyber Definitions Beginning with A

Accident and Emergency
Always and Forever
Author's Note
Top Quality
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
Anywhere, Anytime, Any place
Alcoholics Anonymous, "AA" Battery Size, Automobile Association
American Automobile Association; Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting; Blockbuster Game; Size of Battery
American Association Against Acronym Abuse, American Association for the Abolition of Acronyms and Abbreviations, Expression of Excitement, Anger, or Frustration
American Association Against Acronym and Abbreviation Abuse, Expression of Excitement, Anger, or Frustration
American Association Against Acronym And Abbreviation Abuse," American Association for the Advancement and Appreciation of Animals in Art and Architecture, Expression of Excitement, Anger, or Frustration
All American Association Against Acronym And Abbreviation Abuse, Expression of Excitement, Anger, or Frustration
Expression of Excitement, Anger, or Frustration
Alcoholics Anonymous, Automobile Association, Battery Size
Arse about Face
Average at Best
Apple Audio Compression
African American English
Always and Forever
Alive and Kicking
African-American Language
As a Matter of Fact
Always a Pleasure
At Any Rate
At All Times
And Another Thing
African-American Vernacular English
And Also With You
As Always, Your Friend
Alphabet, American Born Chinese, American Broadcasting Company, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Abdominal Line
Already Been Done
Airborne Forces
Absolutely Fabulous
Asian Baby Girl
Actual Bodily Harm
Already Been Posted
Abdominals, Absolutely, Anti-Lock Braking System
About To
Air Conditioning, Alternating Current
All Calls Answered
All Cops Are B*stards
Account, Actually, Atlantic Coast Conference
Sex Worker
Asexual, Excellent
Distaste, Dismay or Mild Alarm; Acknowledge
American Civil Liberties Union
A Company that Makes Everything
Automatic Colt Pistol
SAT type test
Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
Live Within Your Means, Only Put In the Effort to Match Your Salary, Stop Behaving Like a Boss
Army Combat Uniform
Accidental Discharge, Anno Domini
Another Day Another Dollar
Attention Deficit Disorder
All Day Every Day
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
All Day Long
Any Day Now
Address, Adverse Drug Reaction, All Due Respect, Average Damage per Round
Aim Down Sights
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
And Ever and Ever
As Early As Possible
Cuteness or Charm
As F**k
Assigned Female at Birth
As Far As I'm Aware
As Far As I Am Aware
As Far As I Am Concerned
As Far As I'm Concerned
As Far As I Can See
As Far As I Can Tell
As Far As I Know
As Far As I Remember
As Far As Possible
American Football Conference, Asian Football Confederation, Association Football Club, Average Frustrated Chump, Away from Computer, Away from Controller
Affirmative, Adult Friend Finder, Advanced Fighting Fantasy, ASEAN Football Federation, Away From Forum
Away from Keyboard
Australian Football League
All for Now
Away from Phone
Away from Real Life
Always, Forever and Seriously
Alternative Fuel Vehicle
A Fate Worse Than a Fate Worse Than Death
Automatic Gain Control
Person Who Does Not Identify with Any Gender
Aggravation, Aggression, Trouble
Annoyed, Agitated, Angry
Ain't Gonna Happen
Artificial General Intelligence
Annual General Meeting
Accelerated Graphics Port
America's Got Talent
All Going Well
Expression of Discovery
Throat clearing sound
Average Handle Time, Out
Artificial Intelligence, As If
Am I Bothered?
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
All in Good Faith, All in Good Fun
All Right
All Right
As If I Care
All Right
All I Know Right Now
AOL Instant Messenger
Always in My Heart
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning as a Service
And It's Not Even Close
All In One
Ignore or Blank Someone, As I Remember
Foolish Person
As I Said Before
As I See it
All Right
Am I The Asshole?
All Right
Adult In the Room
And I Think You Do
As I Understand it
As If You Care
Apple Juice
Alaska, Kalashnikov Assault Rifle
Kalashnikov Assault Rifle (Model 47)
Also Known As
Always Keep the Faith
Alcohol and Animal Lover
Just Like
As Late As Possible, As Long As Possible, As Little As Possible
Alcohol or Alcoholic
Animal Liberation Front
Ain't Life Grand, All Good
Cryptocurrency with Value Based on Algorithm
Changing of Words to Avoid Automated Content Moderation
Magic Mushrooms
At Least I Have a Life
Don't Worry
Parent Who Promotes Harmful Messages About Food, Diet, and Body Image to Their Children
Actually Laughing Out Loud
Always Look On the Bright Side of Life
Dominant Person, House
Alternative Coins (Cryptocurrency Term)
Substitute Zoom Conference Host
Alternative Right
All Right, A Little Respect
Arithmetic Logic Unit
A La Verga (Spanish for F*ck It!, Damn!, or Oh Shit!)
Actual Laughter Was Produced
Amplitude Modulation
Ante Meridiem
Against Medical Advice
Ask Me Anything
Ask Me Almost Anything
Assigned Male At Birth
As Much As Possible
Advanced Micro Devices
American Express
Ah My God
Am I Right?
All My Love, Anti-Money Laundering
Any Minute Now
Add Me on Discord
Add Me on Facebook/Fortnite, A Matter of Fact
Alpha Male of Group
Add Me on Instagram
Add Me on Snapchat
America's Most Wanted (TV)
Author's Note
African National Congress
Expression of Shock, Surprise or Embarrassment
Mobile Operating System
Abercrombie and Fitch
And Now for a Word From Our Sponsor
And Now for Something Completely Different
Angry Face Emoticon
Japanese Animation
Animated Emoticon
Artificial Neural Networks
Unknown person
International Activist Collective
Disappointment Felt After a Highly Anticipated Event Does Not Meet Expectations
Thrives Under Stress and Uncertainty
America's Next Top Model (TV)
Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
Adults Only
Any Other Business
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
All of Day
Always On Digital Rights Management
Area of Effect, Age Of Empires
All OK
America Online
All Or Nothing
As of Now
Ahead of Schedule, Arrest on Sight
Among Other Things, As Opposed to
All of the Above
All Out War
Angel on Your Pillow
Advanced Placement, Anti-Personnel, Armour Piercing, Associated Press
All Points Bulletin
Armored Personnel Carrier
Angry, Stupid
State of Extreme Anger, Excitement, or Agitation
Application Programming Interface
Actions Per Minute
As Per Normal
Authorised Personnel Only
Annual Percentage Rate
As Per Usual
As Per Your Request
As Quickly As Possible
Actually Quite Funny
Augmented Reality, End of Message
All Right, Tough
Alternate Reality Gaming
Act of Random Kindness
Organized Military Force Equipped for Fighting on Land, Fans of BTS
Average Revenue Per User
All Right
As Soon As
As Soon As I Can
As Soon As I Know
As Soon As Possible
As Soon As Sensible
As Simple As That
As Soon As You Can
Anti-Social Behaviour Order
American Standard Code for Information Interchange
Australian Signals Directorate, Autism Spectrum Disorder
Intense Emotion, Such As Frustration Or Excitement
As F*ck, Age Sex From, And So Forth
Application Specific Integrated Circuit
Age, Sex, Location?, As Hell!, American Sign Language
Age, Sex, Location, Picture
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
Any Second Now
I Understand (Archetypal Japanese term akin to "Oh, I see")
At Some Point
Expression of Intensity or Emphasis
Alliance for the Safe, Therapeutic and Appropriate Use of Residential Treatment
Appalachian Trail, Assistive Technology
American Telephone and Telegraph
Actual Time of Arrival
Any Time, Any Place
All the Best
Air Traffic Control
Attention to Detail
Accomplished with Style
At the End of the Day
All Time Favourite
Answer The F*cking Question, Answer The Freakin' Question
All the Gear All the Time
All Time High
Above The Line, Atlanta, (Georgia)
Automated Teller Machine
At the Moment
According to My Opinion
Any Time Now
Always Thinking of you
Answer The Phone, At This Point
Answer the Question
At the Same Time
All the Time
At This Time
Ain't That the Truth
All Terrain Vehicle
All the Very Best
All the Way
All the Way Alive
Air, Trees, Water, Animals
Austin, Texas
Anything You Say
Alternate Universe
Australian Dollar
Individuals Who Film and Publish Interactions with Public Officials (UK)
I don't know
Acceptable Use Policy
Another Useless Post
Are You Serious?
Automated Machine Learning
Excessively Large Urban Vehicles
Anti-Virus, AudioVisual
Angry Video Game Nerd
Audio Video Interleaved (Media Format)
Afternoon, Apprehended Violence Order, Avocado
A Very Potter Musical
Anyway, Attention Whore, Expression of Approval or Sympathy
As Well As
All Wheel Drive
Are We Having Fun Yet?
All Work No Play
Absent Without Leave
As We Speak
A Word To The Wise
Any Which Way, Expression of Approval or Sympathy
All Your Base Are Belong
All Your Base Are Belong to Us
At Your Convenience
As You Can See
At Your Earliest Convenience
Are You for Real?
Are You Free Today?
As You Know
Are You Kidding Me?
Are You Listening?
Hey You
At Your Own Risk
And Your Point Is?
Are You Ready?
Ten Pounds
Are You Serious?
Are You Stupid Or Something?
Are You There?
As You Wish
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