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Cyber Definitions Beginning with W

White, Widow, Widowed, Win
Where and When
Well-Endowed, Whatever or Without
What's up
Way Too Funny
Way to Go
World Wide Web
World Wide Web Consortium
Woman looking for a man
Wait a Minute
Washington State, Western Australia, WhatsApp, Wife Alert
Will Answer All
With All Due Respect
When All Else Fails, Read Directions
What a F***ing Waste of Time
What's Going On?
Wives and Girlfriends
What's Going On?
Working at Home
Work at Home Mum
Fictional Wife
Waiting Area for Participants in Zoom Meeting
What a Joke
What a Loser
Wait a Minute
With All My Heart
With All My Heart and Soul
With All My Love
What a Newbie!
One (Ring) and Cut (Phone Scam)
Wet Ass Pussy, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, Wireless Access Protocol, With a Passion
Women Are Pure Concentrated Evil
Pirated software
Wait and See
White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
Joint Dipped in Formaldehyde or PCP
We Are the People
A Social Storytelling Platform
What About You?
What Are You Doing?
What a W*nker
What a Waster
Where Are You?
What Are You Doing
What Are You Doing Right Now?
What Are You Listening To?
What Are You On About?
What Are You Talking About
What Are You Working On?
Welcome Back, Write Back
Will Be Back
We Been Knew
Wanna-Be Moderator
Would Be Nice
With Best Regards
Write Back Soon
Will Be There
What About You?
What 'Bout You?
Toilet, Welcome
Will Call Back
Whatcha Doing?
What Can I Say
Worst Case Scenario
Woman Crush Wednesday, World Championship Wrestling
What Can You Do?
Well Done
Multi-Purpose Spray Lubricant
What's Da Craic?
Worst Day Ever
What Da Hell
Why Do I Bother?
What Do I Care?
What Does It Mean?
Why Didn't I Think of That
Will Do My Best
Worst Day of My Life
What Does That Mean?
What Do You Do?
What Do You Mean?
What Do You Think?
Why Don't You?
What Did You Do?
What Did You Do Today?
Why Did You Do That?
What Did You Expect?
Where Did You Go?
What Do You Look Like?
What Do You Mean?
What Do You Mean By That?
What Did You Need?, What Do You Need?
What Did You Say?
What Do You Think?
What Do You Want?
What Do You Want From Me?
What Did You Wear Today?
What Do You Want to Talk About?
Limited AI Systems Designed to Perform Specific Tasks
World Wide Web
Welcome Back
Web seminar
Chinese Social Media and Messaging App
Pants or Underwear Pulled Up Into the Butt Cheeks
Someone Obsessed With Japanese Culture
Someone Obsessed With Japanese Culture
With Effect From
Wicked Evil Grin
Wide Evil Grin
What Ever Happened To?
Chinese Messaging App
What Else Is New?
Whatever, Loser
You Are Welcome
Workout Selfie
Whatever Major Loser
Wired Equivalent Privacy, Wireless Encryption Protocol
Work, Cool or Great
Wholeheartedly Agree
Marijuana Joint Dipped in Formaldehyde or PCP, Ready For Sex, Write Everything Twice
K-Pop App and Web Platform
Work From Anywhere
Work From Home, Work From Hotel
Wait for It
Works for Me
Whatever Floats Your Boat
Wild Goose Chase
What's Going On?
A Phishing Attack Aimed at a Senior Executive
Online Messaging App
Wanna Have Fun?, World Heart Federation
Car, To Beat
Beat, Dominated
Beating, Driving Fast
Beating, Driving Fast
Sound Played for Relaxation
A White Person Condescendingly Explaining Racial Issues to a Member of an Ethnic Minority
Casting a White Actor to Play a Character of Color; Editing Images to Make Skin Appear Lighter; Glossing Over Bad Conduct, Dishonesty, or Other Misdeeds
World Health Organization
Work Hard, Play Hard
What He Said
What, Withholding Tax
Where Have You Been?
What Have You Done?
Wounded In Action
Wouldn't It Be Nice If
Women, Infants and Children
Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic
Boast About Something That Isn't Typically Considered Impressive
Girlfriend described as wife material
Wireless network technology
Exclamation of Surprise or Delight
Angry, Rebuke
What Is Going On?
Nintendo Game Console
What's In It for Me
Collaborative Publication
Smart-Text Editor (Microsoft Teams)
Will Comply
What I Learned This Week
Would I Lie to You?
Work In Progress
When It's Ready
Stop Being Stupid (Irish Slang)
Putting Items in Recycling Bins in the Hope They Can Be Recycled
Witch TikTok
Where In the Hell
What In the World
What Is Up With You?
What I wore Today, Wish I Was There
Wish I Was With You
What Is Wrong With You?
What Is Your Problem?
Well Kept Secret
Will Keep You Posted
Wireless LAN
Windows Live Messenger
Would Like to Meet
Women Loving Women
Who Loves You Baby
Will Let You Know
Windows Media Audio
White Male Asian Female
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Wagging My Finger
Wish Me Luck
Wash My Mouth Out With Soap!
Windows Media Player, With Much Pleasure
Windows Media Video
What Makes You Beautiful
Why Not?
We Never Did It This Way Before
Within Normal Limits
Where No One Has Gone Before
We Need to Talk
What's New With You?
Worst of All Time
Waste of Bandwidth
Woman Of Color
Way of Eating, What on Earth?
Aware of and Attentive to Issues of Social and Racial Justice
Waste of Money, Brains, and Time
Court the Favor of, Pseudoscience, New York Gang
Erect Penis
A Large Dog
Cool, Okay, Really?, Whatever!
Daily Online Word Game
Working Vacation
Working Vacation
Malicious computer virus
Waste of Space, Wife Over Shoulder
Waste of Time and Money
Word of the Day
Wrath Of The Lich King
Word On the Street
Exclamation of Surprise, World of Warcraft, Whipped Owned and Wrapped
Waypoint, Well Played, White People, WordPress, Wrong Person
Wifi Protected Access
Words Per Minute (typing)
Warmest Regards
With Regard To
Where Are You?
What Are You Doing?
What Are You Talking About?
What Are You Doing?
What Are You Talking About?
Wall Street Bets Reddit
What's Good?
Why Should I Care?
Woman Seeking Man
WhatsApp, What's Up?, White Skin Privilege
Why So Serious?
We're Still Friends
We Should Talk More
Will See You Later
What Shall We Talk About?
Whatever, Weight, White Trash
What the ...?
Winner Takes All
WTB - Want to Buy, Welcome to Bloxburg, Wilderness Trail Bikes
With That Being Said
What the Crap?
What to Do Today
Where They Do That At?
What The F*ck
Way to Go!
Way to Go, Partner!
Want to Go Private?
What The Hell/Heck?, Where The Hell/Heck?, Who The Hell/Heck?
Where the Hell Are You?, Who the Hell Are You?
Who the Hell Cares?
What the Hell Is Going On?
What the Hell Is That?
What the Hell Is Wrong With You?
Why the Hell Not?
Where the Hell Are You?, Who the Hell Are You?
What time Is It?
Want to Know
Will Talk Later
Welcome to Last Week
Whatever That Means, What's The Matter?, What's The Move?
Way Too Much Information!
Welcome to My Life
Welcome to My World
World Trade Organization
Want to play?, What's The Point?
Where's The Party At?
Willing To Relocate
Want to Sell
Want to Trade
Welcome to the club
When the Time Is Right
Welcome to the Jungle
Without Thinking Too Much
What's The Word?
Why, Thank You!
Whatever Turns You On
What's Up
What You At?
What You Been Up to?
What You Been Up To?
What You See Is What You Get
What You Doing?
Where are you from?
What You Got?
Where You Going?
Will You Go Out With Me?
What're you Looking At?
Wishing You Long Life and Prosperity
Wind-Up Merchant
What are You Up To?
What are You Up To?
What are You Up To?
What Do You want?, What Are You Wearing?, Who Are You With?
What do You Want to Chat about?
Wish You Were Here?
What's Up With That
What You Wanna Talk About?
What You Wanna Talk 'Bout?
What's Up With You?
World War One
World War Two
Generation Born between 1901 and 1927
White Working Class
World Wrestling Entertainment
World Wildlife Fund, World Wrestling Federation
Where We Go One, We Go All
Why Would I Care?
What Was I Thinking?
Wicked Witch of the West
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Where Were You?
World Wide Web
Free Pornography Site
What's Wrong With You?
Where Were You?
What Would You Do?
Why Would You Do That?
Why?, Would You?, Wyoming
Where You At?, World Yoga Alliance, World Youth Alliance
Wish You All the Best
Watch Your Back, Where You Been?
What've You Been Doing?
Will You Be My Valentine?
Will You Call Me?
What You Doing?
What You Doing Man?, What You Doing Mate?, What You Do Matters
What You Doing Now?
What's Your Favorite?, Who's Your Favorite?, Where You From?, World Youth Forum
What You Get
Will You Go Out With Me?
Would You Kindly
Whatever You Like
Would You Like a Bowl of Cream to Go With That Remark?
Would You Like a Saucer of Milk With That Comment?
Whether You Like It Or Not
What You Look Like?
Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?
What You Listening To?
Watch Your Mouth!, What You Mean?
Will You Marry Me?
What's Your Name?
What's Your Point?, What's Your Problem?
White People
Would You Please Stop?
Would You Rather?
What's Your Real Name?
Whatever You Say, What's Your Status, What You Said, What You Saying
What You See Is What You Get
Wait Your Turn, Whatever You Think, What You Think, White (Person), Worth Your Time
What You Talking About?
What You Up To?
What You Want, Whatever You Want
Wish You Were Here
What You Wanna Talk About?
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