Cyber Definitions

About Cyber Definitions

For the first time in human history, writing has overtaken talking as a way of communicating informally with family and friends. As a result, our writing has become far more "efficient" for the following reasons:
  • You are expected to respond quickly to messages.
  • You are often subjected to a harsh word restriction.
  • You cannot afford to spend too much time fiddling with a 3-inch "keyboard" while trying to do something else.
Consequently, we have seen an influx of new abbreviations, icons, and specialist terms into our language, which have arisen to improve brevity and message tone as well as a sense of fun.

Our Aims

The aims of Cyber Definitions are:
  • To record new terms.
  • To provide a central repository for established terms.

Our Current Guidance

Here's our current guidance about when to use texting speak:

We're Here to Help!

As time goes on, we expect many of the types of correspondence in the "Never Use" category to start moving left towards "Safe to Use". And, as they do, so more people will need to know these terms.

But, don't worry. We'll be here to help!

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