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Cyber Definitions Beginning with C

Celsius, One Hundred, Programming Language, Sí
Copy and Paste
Confirm or Deny
Care Of, Class Of
Very Happy
Affirmative or Roger
Cam to Cam, Consumer to Consumer
A Type of Plastic Explosive
Comment for Comment
Cool As a Cucumber
Do you Understand?
Store for Temporary Computer Files
State Of Extreme Nervousness
Broken, Dead
Computer Aided Design
Kilo of Cocaine, Military Acronym
Charge Levied by Restaurants to Cut and Plate a Cake
Anniversary of Sign-Up, Birthday
Computer Aided Manufacturing
Come at Me, Brother
Extravagant and Exaggerated Style That Embraces Irony and Humor
No Problem
A Strain of Cannabis
Drug Dealer
Canada Oil Low Acid
Unavoidable Event That Changes the Protagonist's Life
Bullet, Lie or Exaggerate
Do You Understand?
Mafia Boss
Bullets, Magic Mushrooms
Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart
A Flamboyant Person
I Don't Care
Period of Reign of King Charles
Vomit, throw up
Party in a Car
Castiel, Casual, Close Air Support, Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies
Gene-Editing Technology That Allows Modification of DNA
Casual, Centre for Animals and Social Justice
Computed Axial Tomography, Cool Individual
Individual Who Creates a False Online Identity
Citizens Against Virtually Everything, To Give Up
Citizens Band, Clickbait, Closed Beta, Cock Block
Can't Be Arsed, Cost-Benefit Analysis
Can't Be Bothered
Children's BBC
Canadian Born Chinese, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Complete Blood Count
Cannabidiol, Cute But Dumb
Can't Be F*cked
Child Bearing Hips
Confederation of British Industry
Can't Breathe Laughing Too Hard
Customs and Border Protection
Captive Bead Ring (Body Piercing Term)
Can't Be Stuffed
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Carbon Copy, Closed Captions, Country Code, Credit Card
Coricidin Cough and Cold
Collectible Card Game
Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
Couldn't Care Less
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Country Code Top-Level Domain
Closed Circuit Television
Carrying a Concealed Weapon
Counterclockwise (American for "anticlockwise")
Cooldown, Certificate of Deposit, Compact Disc, Cross Dresser
Code 9 (Parent Alert)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Cult of the Dead Cow
Customer Due Diligence
Code Division Multiple Access
Calm Down Please
Compact Disc Recordable
Compact Disk Read Only Memory
Compact Disk Rewritable
Central Daylight Time, Continental Divide Trail
Casual Encounters, Common Era
I Can't Be Bothered
I Can't Be Bothered
I Can't Be Bothered
Close Mate Met in Prison
Mobile Phone
Best or Greatest, Chief Executive Officer
Complete Equipment Schedule
Consumer Electronics Show
Central European Time
Canadian Football League
Ciao for Now
Chief Finance Officer
Countering the Financing of Terrorism
Call for Votes
Computer Graphics
Colour Graphics Adapter
Computer Generated Imagery
Pejorative Term for a Young White Man
Stupid person
Excellent (with a Yorkshire connotation)
Focused Discussion (Microsoft Teams)
Car, Cocaine, CHARLIE
Uncultured and Aggressive Youth
Chewing Tobacco
Frugal Person
Unlock a File for Editing (Microsoft Teams)
Pay Attention to Something
Lock a File for Editing (Microsoft Teams)
Cheese, Money
A Toast to Your Good Health, Goodbye, Thank You
An Underhanded Strategy, Drugs, Money
Cheese, Corny
Sex While High on Drugs
Uncool or Untrendy
Chicago, Life Force Energy
Kilogram of Cocaine, Scared
Cowardly, Timid, or Unimportant
Chill and Relax
Expression of Shock, Relief, or Humor
Hang Out with Friends, Relax
Chilling and Relaxing
To Hang Around Doing Nothing, To Relax
Korean chicken served with beer
Flaw, Offensive Term for Chinese Person
To Chat or To Gossip
Good Looking
Carpenter, Fish and Chip Shop, Low Quality
Flirt, Insult
To Relax
Lovely (i.e. what I would have selected)
To Fail under Pressure
Mexican Gangster
Good Looking
Very Good Looking
To Talk
Helicopter, Idiot, Penis
To Chill Out
Food, Goodbye
Crystal Meth
Crystal Meth
Crystal Meth
Bad, High Quality Marijuana
To Drink Quickly
To Vomit
Good Looking
Confidential Informant, Counter Intelligence
Central Intelligence Agency
Hello or Goodbye
Complete in Box
'Cause I Can
Can I Help You?
Cartoon I'd Like to F*ck
Come in Mouth
Chuckle In My Head
Christian in Name Only
Check It Out
Committed Information Rate
Caught in the Act
Category of Japanese Pop Music
Calvin Klein
Chair Keyboard Interface
Call, Can't Lie, Chain Letter, Cool, Craig's List, Crip Love
High Quality or First Rate
Cleveland, Ohio; Coordinacion De Lenguas Extranjeras (Spanish); C Le Tiene (Online Shop, Colombia)
Crystal Meth
Chief Law Enforcement Officer
Command Line Interface
Kilometer, To Understand
Career Limiting Move
To Look At, To Strike
A Phishing Attack that Closely Mimics a Legitimate Company's Communications
Online Computing
Feeling of Euphoria
Generating Online Influence Through Outrage
Currently Listening To
Group of Drugs Used To Heighten Sensory Perceptions and Reduce Inhibitions
An Unlikely Victory or Success
Clumsy Person
Can't Live without You
Call Me
Cry Me a River
Call Me Back
Close My Eyes
Crying My Eyes Out
Cross My Heart
Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
Cry My Heart Out
Count Me In
Correct Me If I'm Wrong
Correct Me If I'm Wrong, But
Catch Me If You Can
Call Me Later
Call Me Now
Come On
Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
Content Management System
Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, CMOS (Misspelling)
Cracks Me Up
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (Black)
Certified Nursing Assistant
Consumer News and Business Channel
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Cable News Network, Convolutional Neural Networks
Cable News Network (News)
Copy and Paste
Chinese New Year
Commanding Officer, Company, Counter Offer
Carbon Dioxide
Assistant to Host of Zoom Conference
Certificate of Authenticity, Course of Action
Close of Business, Come on Body
To Stop Someone Progressing with a Girl
Overly Confident
Call of Duty, Cash on Delivery
Children of Deaf Adults
Computer Program, To Write a Computer Program
Coca Cola, Cocaine
Colonel, Crying Out Loud
Communications Intelligence
Without Underwear
Action Taken to Ensure You're Seen in a Favorable Light by your Romantic Target, Code Placed by Websites to Personalize Browsing Experience
Good, Relaxed, Stylish
To Hang Around Doing Nothing, To Relax
Close of Play, Police Officer
Fictional Drug That Helps With Coming to Terms With a Situation
I Heard and Understood the Message, Video Game
Someone Who Copies
Copied-and-Pasted Text Shared Online
Ammunition, Pornography
Overused or Trite
Charge Levied by Restaurants for Consumption of Alcohol Bought Elsewhere
Of course
Costume Play
Catch of the Day, Comment of the Day
Person Who Watches Too Much TV
Older Woman Hunting a Younger Man
To Confess
Of course
Corona Virus Disease 2019
Person Who Acts Irresponsibly towards the Coronavirus Pandemic
Woman (offensive term)
People Smuggler
Because, Cousin
Cost Per Click
Consumer Price Index
Cost Per Thousand
Programming Language C++
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Central Processing Unit, Close Protection Unit
Close Quarter Battle
Close Quarter Combat
All Stations: Distress, Come Quick Danger
Chuckle Quietly to Myself
Carriage Return, Credit, Copyright
Member of the Royal Air Force
Type of Cocaine
Poor White Person, Really Good
Good times (an Irish term)
Crystal Meth
Classy and Trashy
Extremely Unusual, Bizarre, or Unexpected
Criminal Records Bureau
Crying Real Big Tears
Chat Room Chuckle, Cyclic Redundancy Check
To Laugh
Internet Stalker, Untrustworthy Person
Internet Stalker
Online Horror Story
Group of Friends
Crazy, Cry
To Cheat
Sent after a Bad Joke to Signify Silence
Feeling of Embarrassment or Awkwardness
Community Restoration in Progress
Association of US Street Gangs
Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats
Lager Beer
Crystal Meth
Customer Relationship Management
To Die
Post Same Content on Various Platforms or in Multiple Groups
Marijuana, New Recruit
Cathode Ray Tube, Critical Race Theory
Crazy and Drunk, Stoned and Drunk, Sub-Genre of Hip Hop Music
Compact Recreational Vehicle
Digital or Virtual Currency
Crystal Meth
Counter Strike, Riot Control Gas
Child Sexual Abuse, Child Support Agency
Cool Story, Bro
Communications Security Establishment, Computer Science Engineering
Crime Scene Investigation (TV)
Can't Stop Laughing
Client Side Modification
Customer Service Representative
Cascading Style Sheet
Central Standard Time
California State University
Comma Separated Values
Crypto Twitter, Conspiracy Theory/Theorist, Computerized Tomography
Call the Cell
Crash to Desktop
Capture the Flag
Claim to Fame
Crack the Hell Up
Chat to Me, Chuckling to Myself
Can't Talk Now
Check This Out
Click Through Rate
Control (key)
Cant Talk Right now
Chuckles to Self
Counter Terrorist Unit
See You
Curl Up and Die
Weak Person
Contemptuous Term for Mainstream Conservative
Hit Lightly, Make Up as You Go Along, Tie Down in a Relationship
In a Relationship, Married
Closed User Group
See You in a Bit
See You Later
See You Later
See You Later
See You Later, Alligator
Organized Effort To Counteract Messages Portrayed in Advertisements
See You onLine
Cup of Tea or Coffee
Avoid a Romantic Relationship
Image That is Creepy or Unsettling
Good or Cool
Maintaining Alternative Romantic Relationships
Excellent or Comfortable
To Curse or Swear
See You There, See You Tomorrow
Look of Disapproval or Hostility
Attractive person
Catch Up With You Later
Because, Cousin
Curriculum Vitae
Card Verification Value
Calendar Week, Chemical Warfare, Chemical Weapons, Clockwise, Content Warning, Continuous Wave
Couple With Benefits, Crazy White Boys
Complete Waste of Time
Hundred Weight
Can't Wait to See You
Can't Wait to See You
Call When You Can
Chat With You Later
Core Web Vitals
Cover Your Ass, See You (Bye)
Count Your Blessings
Sending an Unsolicited Obscene Image
Taking a Break From Work to Surf the Web or Check Social Media
Surfing the Web or Checking Social Media in Work Time
Can You Believe It?
Can You Dig It?
Check Your Direct Messages
Check Your Email
Cross Your Fingers
Catch You Later
See You Later
Check Your Mail
See You Online
See You Tomorrow
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