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Cyber Definitions Beginning with S

Search and Destroy
Sadism and Masochism
Salt and Pepper, Salt and Pepper Hair
Substitute first word with second
Should Be
Serial Number
Swipe Up
What's Up?
Heart shape meaning 'love'
Swear to God
Send to Receive
Safe to Say, Sorry to Say
Same to You
Support for Support (MySpace term)
Sexual Assault, Sibling Alert
Sex Assigned At Birth
Saboteur, Sexy Ass B*tch, Smoking a Blunt, Stupid Ass B*tch
Lame or Stupid, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Standard American Diet
Sad Face Emoji
Self Addressed Envelope, Stamped Addressed Envelope
Single Asian Female
Cool, No Problem, Thanks, Trustworthy
Stay Away From Me
Wear trousers low around the waist
Stay at Home Dad
Stay at Home Mom
Stay at Home Wife
Single And Loving It
White Person
Smiled a Little Then Stopped
Single Asian Male, Stop Annoying Me, Surface-to-Air Missile
San Diego Airport
Open-World Game
Saudi Riyal, Search and Rescue, Suspicious Activity Report
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2
Scandinavian Airlines System, Special Air Service
Self-Addressed and Stamped Envelope
Scholastic Assessment Test
Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
Sex and the City (US TV show)
Smallest Unit Of Bitcoin
Standard Attainment Tests
Extremely good
Soft Block, Somebody, Snapback
Silent But Deadly (breaking wind)
Single Black Female or Snapchat Best Friend
Surrounded By Incompetence
Single Bisexual Male
Sweet Baby Jesus
Single Black Male
Sick Building Syndrome, Special Boat Service(UK), Step By Step
SpongeBob SquarePants
Sorry 'Bout That
Seychelles, Silent Chuckle, SimCity, Snapchat, South Carolina, StarCraft
Trouble maker (Liverpool dialect)
Make out with someone
Audio/Video TV connector
Single Christian Female
Trouble maker (South African dialect)
Low-grade Marijuana
Single Christian Male, Snapchat Me, Supply Chain Management
Sorry, Could Not Resist
San Fransisco
Eat Fast, Express Contempt, Food
Supreme Court of the United States
Something associated with Liverpool
Traditional-style meal made by Liverpudlians
A Liverpudlian
Run away
Scrimmage (US contact sports)
Small Computer System Interface
Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
Secure Digital, Social Drinker, So Drunk
Seventh-Day Adventist
Small Dick Energy
Sustainable Development Goals
Software Development Kit
Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
Symmetric DSL
Special Edition
Second (time)
Child, Sperm
Cannabis Seeds, Children, Sperm
Self-taken camera picture
Eye Selfie
Self-taken camera picture of oneself
Obsessive Taking of Selfies
Locking Down with a Partner
Search Engine Marketing
Special Educational Needs
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Expression of Extreme Amusement
Expression of Extreme Amusement
Search Engine Optimization
Simplified Employee Pension, Somebody Else's Problem
Search Engine Results Page
Session (drinking)
Smiling Ear to Ear
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Seventh Grader (US)
Sexually Explicit Text Message
Said, Says, Special Economic Zone
San Francisco, Science Fiction, Sexual Fantasy, Special Forces
Sister From Another Mister
Sorry for Late Reply
San Francisco International Airport
Sorry for Partying
Smiling for Real
Shoutout for Shoutout, Snap for Snap, Spam for Spam
So Far So Good, Special Forces Support Group
Sorry for the Broadcast
Sorry For The Wait
Safe for Work, Software
Sound Effects
Sounds Good to Me
Let's Go
Second Gentleman of the United States
Sounds Good to Me
Same Here, Self-Harm, Sexual Harassment, Shit Happens
Partial Block
Dodgy or illegal
Swindle or cheat
Falsified Media Content
Improvised knife, To stab
Concentrated Cannabis Extract
Attractive Young Woman
Attractive Young Woman
Super Hot Babe
Shelf Selfie
Decoy in a swindle
Feel Fear, Anxiety, Surprise, or Shock
Stupid, Incompetent, or Detestable Person
Exceptionally Good, Impressive, or Excellent
Large Amount or Number of Something
Treat Poorly or Unfairly
Post Poor Quality Content Online
A Chaotic or Controversial Situation
Expression of Honesty or Sincerity
Improvised knife
Should Have Known
Simple Harmonic Motion, Somebody Hit Me
See How Much I Love You
Super High Output
Shocked, Surprised or Scared
Adjusted a photo with PhotoShop, Informed On
Attractive Young Woman
Attractive Young Woman
Ride as a Passenger in the Front Seat
Eating an Orange in the Shower
Psychiatrist or Psychologist
Reducing Product Quantity or Quality, while Maintaining Price
Magic Mushrooms
Secure Housing Unit
Party at a house
Should We?
Similar Interests, Stop It!, Stupid Idiot
Sorry I Asked
Sorry If Already Posted
Say It Ain't So
Indication of Written Mistake
Sitting In Chair Sniggering
Sh*t, I Don't Know, Sorry, I Didn't Know
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Secret Internet Fatties
Signals Intelligence
Self-Reliant and Confident
Fooled You!, Only Joking!
Fooled You!, Only Joking!
Generation Born between 1928 and 1946
Simulation Game, Subscriber Identity Module
Subscriber Identity Module for mobile phones
Submissive Man, Stupid Person, Squirrels In My Pants
Acting Like a SIMP
TikTok SIMP Collective
Stay In Touch
Still In the Dark
Situation Report
Undefined Romantic Relationship
Someone Is Watching
Something Is Wrong On the Internet
Social Justice Warrior
It's OK, Spawn Kill
Genre of Dance Music
To Dance, To Steal
To Ejaculate, Vulgar Person
Disgusting or Creepy
Sleazy Person
Spend Kids' Inheritance, Snort Cocaine
Web Series Created by DaFuq!?Boom!
Cocaine Dealer
Gossip or information
Intimate Non-Sexual Contact
School, Share Ko Lang, Simple Key Loader
Let's Go
Expression of Amusement or Excitement
Stock Keeping Unit
Internet Communication App
So Lame
Service Level Agreement
Slow Low and Banging
A Show Off
Sounds Like a Plan
Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation
Awesome, Fantastic
Do Something Effortlessly Well, Impress Someone, Make Someone Laugh
Sounds Like Fun
So Long for Now
Santa's Little Helper
Scalable Link Interface
Eighth of an ounce
Salam, Socially Limiting Maneuver
Seriously Laughing Out Loud
Bad or Misleading AI Content
Second Lady of the United States
Slowly Winding Down Contact
Single Lens Reflex, Sorry Late Reply
Still Love You
Sad and Mad
Studying My Ass Off
Defeat, Eat Enthusiastically, Have Sex
Shaking My Damn Head
Some Mothers Do Have Em
Small and Medium Enterprise, Subject Matter Expert
Expletive (Red Dwarf TV show)
Smart and Sexy
Smart and sexy
Shaking My F*cking Head
So Much for That
Sub-Machine Gun, Social Media Ghost
Shaking My God Damn Head
Shaking My Head
Shaking My Head In Despair
Shaking My Head Laughing
Southern Maryland Inbred (US)
Sorry Mate, I Didn't See You
Single Mother I'd Like to F*ck
Smile with your eyes
Screw My Life, Story Of My Life, Super Mario Logan
Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers, Social Media Marketing
Shoot Me Now
Serious Mode On, Shout Me Out, Social Media Optimization
Sweet Mother of God
Simple Matter of Programming
Sexual Marketplace, Statutory Maternity Pay, Survival Multiplayer
Short Message Service
Send Me There, Simultaneous Multi-Threading, SM Town, Something, Sucking My Teeth
Something, Send Me To Heaven
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Cartoon Character, Experienced Gamer Playing at a Lower Level
Say Nothing, Sike Nah, Screen Name
Attractive or Sexy Person
Unplanned Overeating of Snacks
Attractive or Sexy Person
Situation Normal, All F*cked Up
Sensitive New Age Guy
Postal delivery service
Deceitful Person
Frantic act of flirting
Spiritual not Atheist or Traditionally Religious
Flawless, Beautiful, or Stylish
A Well-Defined and Sculpted Jawline
Social Network Check
Athletic Footwear Enthusiast
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
So Not Funny
Sarcasm Noted Here
Making fun of
Last second bid on eBay before a sale closes
Saturday Night Live
Say No More
Someone Who Is Easily Offended
Signal to Noise Ratio, Streaks and Recents
What's New?
So Now You Know
Shout Out, Significant Other
Son of a Gun
Son of a Bitch
Glossary of Terms Related to Soccer
Popular Social Media Personality Capable of Influencing Followers
Person using a false identity
Sony Online Entertainment
Powdered cocaine
Discreetly Remove a Follower on Twitter
Subtle Announcement of a Romantic Relationship
Sea of Green
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Sex Characteristics
Sense of Humor
Sense of Humor Failure
Statement of Intent
Screenshot Or It Didn't Happen
It's Okay!
Single Or Living Alone
Dependable, Software Design Principles, Stupid
Story of My Life
Someone Over My Shoulder Watching
Close Friend
Sound Navigation and Ranging
Straight Out of Camera (not altered)
Straight Out of the Box
Standard Operating Procedure (military)
Stop Online Piracy Act (US)
Statutory Off Road Notification (UK vehicles)
Save Our Ship, Save Our Souls
State of the Art
Song of the Day
State of the Union (US)
Cool (UK)
Female police officer (UK)
Shame On You
Man Perceived as Weak, Unmanly, or Effeminate
Something On Your Wall
Service Pack 2
Spanish or Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
Game Play or Activities Detrimental to the Game, Unsolicited Messages, Spiced Ham, Special Processed American Meat
Gamer who Acts to the Detriment of other Players, Someone who Sends Unsolicited Messages
Give Birth, Regenerate
Kill an Opponent as They Regenerate
Uncoordinated or stupid (derogatory)
A Phishing Attack Aimed At a Specific Individual or Company
Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion
Special Education
Sexy with glasses
Strictly Platonic Friend
Special Patrol Group (UK)
Unwanted and unsolicited Instant Messaging
To Explain (Especially to Explain Something in a Condescending Manner)
Southern Poverty Law Center
Cigarette made from a mix of Marijuana and tobacco
Lay Flat Out on Front With Legs Outstretched
Sex Professionals of Canada, Single Point of Contact
Cuddle Facing the Same Way
The Acquisition or Sponsorship of Sports Clubs, Federations, or Events, in Order to Distract From Wrongdoing
Same Place, Same Time
High on Hallucinogens
Stop Playing With Me
Sound Quality
Structured Query Language (computing)
Smiling Quietly to Myself
Group of Friends
Character in SpongeBob SquarePants, Minecraft Villager (Gaming)
Slow Replies
Stark Raving Mad
Standing Room Only
Serious, Sexual Reassignment Surgery, Supplemental Restraint System
Missing, Screen Shot, Schutzstaffel, Selfie Sunday, Short Stacked, Short Stop
Subject Says All
Secret Single Behavior, Send Snap Back, Super Smash Bros.
Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman
Super-Sized Big Handsome Man
Safe, Sane, Consensual
Solid State Drive
Same Stuff Different Day
Secure Shell (computing)
Service Set Identifier
Secure Socket Layer (computing), See Subject Line
Single Sign On
Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor
Sniggering Softly to Self
So Say We All
Cryptocurrencies with Value Pegged to an External Reference
Pejorative Term for a White Woman
Rising Inflation with Slow Economic Growth and High Unemployment
Obsessed Fan
Keeping A Relationship Secret
Holiday at Home or in Home Country
Set-Top Box, Soon to Be
Soon-To-Be Ex
Soon-To-Be Ex
Sorry to Bother You, Sucks to Be You
Subject to Change
Sexually Transmitted Disease
Effortless Style
Effortless Style
Effortlessly Stylish
Shut The F*ck Up
Go away!
Sexy text message
Shoot 'Em Up, Sterling, SubTheGamer, Swear to God
Shut the Hell Up
Sexually Transmitted Infection, Subaru Tecnica International
Look of Disapproval or Hostility
Shoot to Kill
Short Term Memory, Smiling To Myself, Stepper Motor
Stay Thirsty My Friends
Short Term Memory Loss
Spend the Night
Same Time Next Year
Send To Receive, Short Term Relationship, Short Term Rental
A Straight Person Condescendingly Explaining LGBT Issues to a Gay Person
Using a Gamer's Livestream Against Them
Smirk to Self
Same Time Same Place
Sleeping Through the Night
Stop Talking to Me
Search the Web
Same to You
Speak to You Later
Shut Up, Swipe Up
Shut Up and Drive
Loan, Subliminal, Submissive
A Former Date Who Reappears In Your Life As If Nothing Had Happened
Sub woofers
Number Puzzle Game
Super Finger
See You Later, Sweaty Upper Lip
Sweaty Upper Lip Alert
Drink, Stand-Up Paddle boarding, Support, What's Up?
AI Systems That Surpass Human Intelligence in Practically Every Field
Sport Utility Vehicle
S'il Vous Pla't (French for "Please")
Someone Very Special
Special Victims Unit
Sarcasm Warning, Sex Worker, Smoke Weed, So What?, Starting Weight, Star Wars, Still Waiting, Stormwind
Sealed With a Kiss
Sealed With a Loving Kiss
She Who Always Must Be Obeyed
Blatantly Luxurious, Second Wife And No Kids, Single Woman And No Kids
Special Weapons and Tactics (US)
Making A Hoax Call To Provoke The Deployment Of Armed Police
Single White Bisexual male
So, What Do You Think?
Swearword Game
Smoke Weed Every Day
People Vaccinated Against COVID-19
Sex Without Strings
Sweet and sexy
Single White Female, Straight White Female
See What I Did There?
Someone Who Isn't Me
So Wrong, It's Right
Both Dominant and Submissive
Someone Who Isn't You
A rip-off
Star Wars Kid
Single White Male, Straight White Male
She Who Must Be Obeyed
Single White Professional Female
Stuff White People Like
Single White Professional Male
Slippery When Wet
Sleep When You're Dead; So, What You Doing?
So What's Your Point?
Sincerely Yours
See You
Shut Your Face
Shut Your Gob
See You In Hell
See You In the Morning
So You Know
See You Later
See You Later Alligator
Shut Your Mouth, Suck Your Mom
So You Mad?
Mobile phone operating system
See You Next Time
See You On the Other Side
See You Real Soon
See You Soon
System Operator
See You There, See You Tomorrow
See You Tomorrow
So You Think You Can Dance
See You When I See You
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