Gaming Terms (Abbreviations, Jargon, and Slang)


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Gaming Terms (Abbreviations, Jargon, and Slang)

Gaming TermMeaning
1UPAn Extra Life
3PSThird-Person Shooter
4XeXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate
AAABig Budget Game
ADDSEnemy Reinforcements
AGGROAggravated or Aggravation
AOAdults Only
AODRMAlways On Digital Rights Management
AOEArea of Effect
BALANCEHarmonization of Characteristics
BGBad Game
BOABind On Account
BOEBind On Equip
BOSSSignificant Opponent
BOTRobot Player
BUFFBeneficial Effect
BUGFault or Failure
BUILDArrangement of Items, Skills, Etc.
CAMPINGStaying In One Spot
CBClosed Beta
CCGCollectible Card Game
CHEESEAn Underhanded Strategy
CLANA Group of Gamers
DEBUFFHarmful Effect On A Character
DLCDownloadable Content
DPSDamage Per Second
DRMDigital Rights Management
DUNGEONClosed-Off Area
EEveryone (Game Classification)
E10+Ages 10 and Up
EASTER EGGHidden Feature
ESRBEntertainment Software Rating Board
EXPExperience Points
F2PFree to Play
FEDCharacter Who Benefits from a FEEDER
FEEDERPlayer Who Dies Easily in a Game
FFFriendly Fire, Forfeit, Final Fantasy
FOVField of View or Field of Vision
FPSFirst-Person Shooter
FTWFor the Win
GGGood Game
GGNOREGood Game No Rematch
GLHFGood Luck, Have Fun
GLITCHMinor Fault
GLITCHINGExploiting Minor Faults in Games
GRIEFERBad Faith Player
GRINDINGPerforming Repetitive Tasks
GUILDA Group Of Gamers
HeirloomGaming Items
HFHave Fun
HPHealth Points or Hit Points
HUDHeads-Up Display
IGNIn-Game Name & Entertainment Website
KDRKill-to-Death Ratio
KRKill Ratio
LAGSlow Response
LFGLooking for Group
LFMLooking for More
LFPLooking for Party
LOOTPrize or Treasure
MMature (For Ages 17+)
MANAUnit of Magical Power
METAGAMEGaming the Game
MMOMassively Multiplayer Online
MMORPGMassively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing
MOBAMultiplayer Online Battle Arena
MPMana Points or Magic Points, Multiplayer
NERFWeaken a Game Feature
NOOBInexperienced or New Person
NPCNon-Player Character
OBOpen Beta
OHKOOne-Hit Knock-Out
OOMOut of Mana
OOROut of Resource
OPOver Powered
OTSOver The Shoulder
OTWOn the Way
P2PPeer To Peer, Pay to Play, Pay To Progress
P2WPay to Win, Play To Win
PINGNetwork Connection Speed
PKPlayer Kill
PUGPick-Up Group
PVEPlayer vs Environment
PVMPlayer vs Monster
PVPPlayer vs Player
PWN3DOwned or Truly Beaten
PWNDOwned or Truly Beaten
PWNEDOwned or Truly Beaten
PWNTOwned or Truly Beaten
QQCrying Eyes, Quit
QTEQuick-Time Event
ROLLRandomly Generated Number
RPRating Pending, Role Play
RPGRole-Playing Game
RTSReal-Time Strategy
SALTYUpset or Bitter
SANDBOXOpen-World Game
SIMSimulation Game
SKINAesthetic Look
SMURFExperienced Player Playing at a Lower Level
SPAMMERNuisance in an Online Shooter Game
TTeen (For Ages 13+)
TAGCharacter Name
TOXICBad Attitude and Behavior
TPSThird-Person Shooter
UIUser Interface
VOIPVoice Over Internet Protocol
WTBWant to Buy
WTSWant to Sell
WTTWant to Trade
XPExperience Points
XPACExpansion Pack

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