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Cyber Definitions Beginning with G

Gangster, Gay, GHB (Club/Date-Rape Drug), Grin
Good One
Go to Bed
Got to Eat
Got to Fly
Got to Go
Got to Go to Bed
Go to Hell
Good to Know
Got to Run
Go to Sleep
I Really Must Go
Good for You
Good Night
Go Ahead
Get a Clue, Global Assembly Cache, Guilty As Charged
House, Mistake
Get Away from It All
Get Away from Me
Infatuated, Lady Gaga, Silly or Crazy
Extremely Surprised or Impressed
Get a Job
Get a Life, Girl
Man Who Hangs About with Girls
Korean Dish of Beef Ribs
Group of Girls
Gay Asian Male
Go Ahead Make My Day
Reactionary White Man
Generative Adversarial Network
Cool, Group of People
Marijuana (from GANJA)
To Steal
Clothes (from "garments")
Etherum Fee, Flatulence, Power, To Talk
Undermining Someone's Reality
Full of Lager, High Opinion of Oneself
Person Who Assumes They Have the Right to Decide Who Has Access to a Community or Identity
A Stock Shorter
A Gay Person Condescendingly Explaining Gay Issues
Gang Bang, Gigabyte, God Bless, Gravity Bong, Great Britain
God Bless America
Gay Black Female
Goodbye for Now
GHB (Club/Date-Rape Drug), Grievous Bodily Harm
Gay Black Male
Good Bye, My Love
Gone But Not Forgotten
Great British Pounds
Get Back to Me
Get Back to Work
God Bless You
God Be With You
God Bless You
Garbage Collect, Gay Couple, Good Call, Good Condition, Group Chat
Good Clean Fun
Government Communications Head Quarters
God Calls Me God
Gender Confirmation Surgery
Government Communications Security Bureau
General Certificate of Secondary Education
Gay Couple Without Kids
Gangsta Disciple, Good
Good Day (Hello)
God Damn It
Granddad I'd Like to F*ck
Gross Domestic Product
General Electric, Good Evening
General Educational Development
To Interrupt a Conversation
General, Genuine, Information
Generation Born Since 2015
Mentally Non-robust Students Born in the 80s or 90s
Generation Born between 1965 and 1980
Generation Born between 1981 and 1996 (Millennials)
Generation Born between 1997 and 2015
Git or Sod (e.g. you little get)
I Understand
Gay Female, Girlfriend, Good Fight
Good F*cking Attitude
Go Fly a Kite
Global Financial Crisis
Girlfriend Experience
Grinning From Ear to Ear
Good F*cking Game, Good Freakin' Game
Go for It
Gone for Now
Go for the Win
Get F*cked Up, God Forgive Us, Go F*ck Yourself, Good for You
Games for Windows Live
Go F*ck Yourself, Good for You
Game and Giving, Genetic Girl, Good Game
Good Game All
Good Game Bye Bye
Good Game Easy
Good, Giving, and Game
Good Game Hard Fight, Good Game Have Fun
Gotta Go Now
Good Game No Rematch
Gotta Get Outta Here
Good Games
Girls Gone Wild
Good Game, Well Played
Guitar Hero
Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (Club/Date-Rape Drug)
Good Hair Day
Gay Hispanic Male, God Help Me
End Contact Without Explanation
American Solider, Good Idea, Government Issue
Generation Born between 1901 and 1927
Graphics Interchange Format (image type)
Gigabyte, Live Show, Situation
Garbage In Garbage Out
Granddad I'd Like to F*ck, Grandmother I'd Like to F*ck
Give Me
Person with Ginger Hair
Geographic Information System, Google Image Search
Go Away!, Annoying Person
Guantanamo Bay
Expression of Concern or Lack of Interest
Gee, I Wish I'd Said That.
Google It Yourself
Google Is Your Friend
Good Job
Go Jump off a Cliff
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Good Kid
Go Kill Yourself
Gay-Lesbian, Girl's Love, Good Luck
Good Luck Have Fun
Good Luck All
Organization Formerly Known as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
Giggling Like a Girl
Glamorous Camping
Crystal Meth
Good Life Decision
A Fan of Glee (TV show)
Group Looking For
Good Luck In Real Life
Minor Fault
Hot Dog, Pistol
Confident Demeanor
Positive Personal Transformation
Pistol From the Gun Maker Glock
A Strong Hug
Good Luck On the Rebuild
Positive Personal Transformation
Good Luck to All
Good Luck to You
Guys/Girls Like Us
Good Luck
Good Luck with Sale
Good Luck with That
Game Master, General Motors, Genetically Modified, Good Morning, Good Move
Good Morning America, Grandma
Give Me a Break
Google's Email
Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (the German version of "Ltd")
General Motors Corporation
Game Stop Stock
Gives Me Hope
Grandmother I'd Like to F*ck
Genetically Modified Organism
Good Morning Streaks/Snaps, General Mobile Services
Greenwich Mean Time
Great Minds Think Alike
Got My Vote
Good Man Yourself
Gamer Name, Get Naked, Good Night
Girl Next Door
Good Night and Everything
Good Night Facebook
Good Night
Girls'/Guys' Night Out
Get Naked on Camera
Gross National Product
Soldier from the Royal Artillery (UK)
Good Night Streaks, Good Night Snaps
Good Night Sweet Dreams
Good Night Sleep Tight Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
Greatest of All Time
Mouth, Spit, To Shout About
Unapologetically Self-Indulgent, Lazy, Slovenly, or Greedy Behavior
Good Luck
Person from North Wales
Get Over It
God Only Knows
Giggle Out Loud, Going Offline, Groan Out Loud
Shirking or Skiving
Idiot (from "gormless")
Get off My Back
Guy/Girl of My Dreams
Unwelcome Patient (from "Get Out of My Emergency Room")
Get Outta My Face
Get on My Level
Going To, Gone, Go On
Stuffed Toy, Stupid Person
Going To
High Quality or Excellent
Ecstasy Pill
Get out of Here
Asia Person (offensive term)
Get Out of My Face
Get Out of My Life
Stupid Person
Arsenal Supporter, Porn Addict
Pinch Someone's Butt, Silly Person, Song by Polyphia
Grand Old Party (The Republican Party)
Gormless Person
Girlfriend over Shoulder
Game of Thrones
Fooled You!, I Understand
Gothic (Fashion or Lifestyle)
Got to
Game of the Year
Good on You
Go out with Me
Gay Pride, General Practitioner, General Principle, Grand Prix
Grade Point Average
Generic Pack of Cigarettes
General Public License
Gratuitous Picture of Yourself
Gratuitous Picture of Yourself Wednesday
General Packet Radio Services
Global Positioning System
Generative Pre-trained Transformer
Graphics Processing Unit
Well-dressed Man
General Release, Good Race, Good Round, Gotta Run
One Thousand Pounds
Grinning, Running and Ducking, One Thousand
Even Better Than GR8
Sought-After Item
A Grammar Enthusiast Condescendingly Explaining the Intricacies of Grammar
Great, One Thousand
Graduate Record Examination
Generation Born between 1901 and 1927
Employees Voluntarily Leaving Jobs En Masse
Anal Sex
Environmental, Inexperienced, Money
US Dollar Bill
Deceptive Use Of Environmental Claims in Marketing
Contentious Issue, Ugly Girl in a Group
Withdrawal of Greece from the EU or Eurozone
Sound Played for Relaxation
To Interrogate, Tooth Jewelry
Urban Music Genre
Guest Relations Officer
Fully Understand
Young Surfer
Great and Cool
Cool (with a 80s connotation)
Chat Between More Than Two Team Members (Microsoft Teams)
Sign of Anger
Great Replacement Theory
Gated Recurrent Unit, Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Hard work, Poor Quality Food
Get Ready With Me
Thank You
Google Search Console
Getting Stuff Done
Good Sense of Humor
Global System for Mobile Communications
Good Salary Own Home, Good Sense of Humor
Gun Shot Residue, Semen
God Save the Queen
Gun Shot Wound
Gran Turismo, Grand Touring
Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Go To Bed, Green Tea Bitch
Good to Be Back
Glad to Be of Some Help
Getting Things Done
Get the F*ck Out
Get the F*ck Outta Here
Good To Go, Got To Go
Got to Get Going
Go to Hell
Good Times Had by All
Get the Hell out
High-performance Car with a Fuel-injected Engine
Good to Know
Giggling to Myself
Gran Turismo Omologato
Got to Go
Getting Ready
Going to Read Mail
Global Trading System (Pokemon), Going Through Sh*t, Good Times, Google That Sh*t, Go To Sleep, Grim's Toy Show (Wrestling)
Good to See You
Got the T-Shirt
Got to Work
Good Times
Geographically Undesirable, Grow Up
High Quality
External Participant in a Team (Microsoft Teams)
Grounded Until Further Notice
Graphical User Interface
A Group Of Gamers
Get Used to It
Good Vibe
Guild versus Guild
George W. Bush, Good Work
Go on (with a begging connotation)
Go on (with a begging connotation)
Game Was a Success
George W. Bush
Gay White Couple or Guy with Camera
Girl with Glasses
Get with It
Gay White Male
Gift with Purchase
Great Western Railway, Guinness Book of World Records
Get Well Soon, Gulf War Syndrome
Go with the Flow
Get with the Program
Exclamation of Admiration or Appreciation
Group of Girls
Exclamation of Admiration or Appreciation, Get Your Act Together
Exclamation of Admiration or Appreciation
Get Your Coat
Get Your Facts Straight
Get Your Own
Gypsy (derogatory), Independent Logger
Get Yourself Tested
Congratulations, Ground Zero
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