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Cyber Definitions Beginning with H

Hispanic or Hug
Hand, Have a Nice Day
Heckler and Koch, Hugs and Kisses
Head Office
Hold On
Hat Tip
Hook Up Make Out
US Employment Visa
Swine Flu Virus
Hope to See You Soon
Had to Go
Head to Head
Heart to Heart
Hell If I Know
Head to Toe
High Five
To Really Hate
Online Community
Beloved, Darling, or Love
Beloved, Darling, or Love
Hot Asian Chick
To Infiltrate into a Computer System
Heart Attack from Laughing
Have To
Old woman
Have a Good Day
Have a Good Evening
Have a Good Life
Have a Good Night
Have a Good One
Have a Great Summer
Have a Great Time
How Am I Supposed To Know?
Hugs and Kisses, Infiltrate a Computer System
Korean Wave
Hard As a Motherf*cker
Traditional Korean Clothing
Have a Nice Day
Half a Gallon of Liquor, Name or Nickname
Tendency to Touch Other People Inappropriately
To Spend Time with
Hunger Compounded by Anger
Inhibition, To End a Call
Have a Nice Life
Explicit Announcement of a Romantic Relationship
Cannabis Concentrate
Subject Tag
Sexual Abuse Hashtag
Never The Less She Persisted (Political Hashtag)
Reclaiming My Time (Political Hashtag)
Anti-Trump Hashtag
Take A Knee (Black Rights Hashtag)
Hot Asian
Wearing A Hat In A Profile Picture In Order To Appear More Attractive
When An Ex-Partner Reappears In Your Life
Aggressive Person
Having A Wonderful Time, Hot
Hot and Awesome
How About You, How Are You?
How Are You Doing?
How Are You Today?
Extremely Busy
Type of Cannabis
Happy Birthday, Hemoglobin, Hot Babe, How About?, Hurry Back
Happy Birthday
Heartbreak Kid
How about Now?
Home Box Office
Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter), High Blood Pressure
How 'Bout That
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Houston Baptist University, How About You?
How about You?
Holy Cow
He Could Do a Job for Us
How Cool Is That?
High Definition
High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection
Hard Disk Drive
Halt Die Fresse ("Shut up" in German)
Hab Dich Lieb ("I love you" in German)
High Definition Multimedia Interface
Halt Die Schnautzer ("Shut up" in German)
How Did That Happen?
High Definition Television
How Dare You
How Dare You
How Do You Do?
How Did You Do That?
How Did You Know?
Happy Ending, High Explosive
Happily Ever After
Advanced Notice
Gun, Highly Desirable Sneakers, Pressure
Busy, Cool
Questioning Laugh
Really or Very
Extremely Unpleasant Place or Experience
One-Eighth, High Earner Not Rich Yet
Anime & Manga Pornography
Cannabis, Stupid Person
Neither Male nor Female
Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Hey You
Hey You
Have Fun, Head F*ck, High Frequency
Hot from Far Away (see also BOBFOC)
Have Fun Good Luck
Here for You
The Holy Grail
Haters Gonna Hate
How Goes It?
Happy Go Lucky
Home and Garden Television
Heavy Goods Vehicle
Ha-Ha, Hand History, Heil Hitler, His/Her Highness, His Holiness
Hanging Head in Shame
Ha Ha Only Joking (see also HHOK)
Ha Ha Only Kidding (see also HHOJ)
Ha Ha Very Funny
Holding Hands while Walking
Social Networking Site
Love Bite
Low Class
High-Tech Industry Development Zone
How's It Going?
Very, Really, Definitely
Hell If I Know
Person who is cool (i.e. HIP)
Gender Neutral Possessive Pronoun (i.e. his/her)
Get a Lot of Money Quickly, Steal from an Easy Target
Call Me Later
Feels More Profound or Intense Than Usual
Song by iLoveMemphis
Call You Later
Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Hate It When That Happens
He's Just Not That Into You
Heckler and Koch (arms manufacturer)(usually refers to a pistol)
Hong Kong
Happy Landings (good luck)
Hook Line and Sinker
Hasta La Vista
Her Majesty, High Maintenance, Let Me Think, No?
Hit Me Back (i.e. to reply)
Expression of Scorn or Dissatisfaction
Human Machine Interface
How May I Help You?
Hate My Life, Hit My Line
Help Me Please
Her Majesty's Pleasure (e.g. to be at HMP, i.e. to be in prison)
Her Majesty's Prison
Expression of Scorn or Dissatisfaction
Expression of Scorn or Dissatisfaction
Her/His Majesty's Ship
Hit Me Up
Hit Me Up Later
His Master's Voice
Horny Net Geek
Hugs and Kisses
Home Network Operating System
Hit and Run
Happy New Year
Hard On, Hold On, Whore
Hold On A Second
How Old Are You?
Itinerant worker
Tramp or Vagrant
Hold On For Dear Life (Cryptocurrency Term)
Hall of Fame
Harley Owner Group
Head Over Heels
To Borrow
Delay, Please Wait, Robbery
Stay at Home Holiday
Expression of Admiration, Shout Out
Get Back To Me
Hope Our Love Lasts and Never Dies
To Shout
Expression of Surprise, Astonishment, or Disbelief
Homosexual (offensive term)
Best Friend
Best Friend
Best Female Friend
Best Friend
Best Friend
Best Friend
Best Friend
White Person (offensive)
White Person (offensive)
Heard, Understood, Acknowledged
Provocatively Dressed Woman
Dressed Provocatively
Hooded Sweatshirt, Youth Wearing a Hooded Sweatshirt
Share with Me
Basketball, Sphincter
Goodbye, Hello
Poor White Person, Resident of the State of Indiana
Good Time
Fictional Drug That Induces Unfounded Optimism
Turned On, Very Sexy
Untrue, Deceptive, or Without Merit
Husband Over Shoulder
Video On By Default
Sexy, Stolen
Smoke a Drug in a Confined Space
Heroes of the Storm, Intense Attraction
Impressive, Exceptional, or Highly Skilled
Attractive Person, Hot Water Bottle
High Occupancy Vehicle
How Do You Do?
Health Points or Hit Points, Harry Potter, HP Inc., Hire Purchase, Brown Sauce
Harry Potter Land (Los Angeles)
Human Papillomavirus
Headquarters, High Quality
Hierarchical Queuing Framework, High Quality Food
Human Resources
Human Rights Campaign
Her/His Royal Highness
How Are You?
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
Home Sweet Home
How Should I Know?
How Sad Is That?
Hue Saturation Lightness
Highly Sensitive Person
High Speed Packet Data Access
High Speed Train
Herpes Simplex Virus 2
Hat Tip, Home Time
Had to Be There
Hit the Cell
Hard to Explain
Hard To Find, How The F*ck?
Harden the F*ck Up, Hurry the F*ck Up
Hard to Get, Honest to God
Hope That Helps, How the Hell
Hope To Hear from You Soon
Hand to Mouth
Hypertext Markup Language
Hope to See You Soon
Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol
Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure
Houston, Texas
Heard Understood Acknowledged
The Man You're Seeking
Heads-Up Display
Low-Grade Cannabis, Sniff Chemicals
Hug and Snuggle
Heels Up Harris, I am Confused or Surprised, Do you Understand?
Human Intelligence
High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, Oral Sex Technique
German Person (offensive), Honey
How You Sleep?, Hustler
Fictional Husband
Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning
Happy Valentine's Day
Hardware, Homework
Hottie With Body
Here We Go Again
Height Weight Proportional
He Who Shall Not Be Named
Hey, What's Up?
How Was Your Day?
Hell Yes
How You Been?
How You Doing?
Hydroponically Grown Cannabis
Hope You Feel Better
Here You Go
Have You Heard
Hold Your Horses (i.e. wait a moment)
High Yield Investment Program
Girl (Spanish)
Harvard, Yale, Princeton
A Fashion Victim
High, Over-Energetic, Very
Low, Syringe
Have Your Say
Hit You Up
Hertz (i.e. the unit to measure frequency)
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