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Cyber Definitions Beginning with R

When Your Love Interest Ignores Your Messages
Rhythm and Blues (music genre)
Replicate and Duplicate
Research and Development
Rest and Recuperation
Revise and Resubmit (writing)
Resistance To Interrogation
Region 5 (DVD region encoding)
Resident Advisor
Royal Artillery (military)
Royal Automobile Club (UK)
One Thousand Dollars, Breasts
Radical or cool
Radio Detection and Ranging
Royal Air Force
Alternate spelling of ROFL
Excessive partying
Posting Inflammatory Content Online to Provoke a Supportive Response
Wild Party
Posting Inflammatory Content Online to Provoke a Hostile Response
Very Angry (Irish Slang)
Condescending or snooty person
A line of cocaine (US)
Lines of cocaine (US)
Postponement until another occasion (US)
Random Act of Kindness
Immoral Womaniser, A Lot
Random Access Memory
Ginger-haired (derogatory)
Very unpleasant or vile
Random Act of Kindness
Urban music genre originating in the US
Excellent or pleasing
Singer in rap urban music genre
File extension of type of compression format (.rar)
Remote Access Server
Informer (US)
Unpleasant or vulgar woman
Proportion Between the Number of Responses a Social Media Post Generates Directly, Compared to the Responses Generated by the Comments on That Post
Expression of disappointment
Extremely Bad, Unpleasant, or Worthless
Cool, Natural or Unadulterated, Rape All Women
Roll Around While Laughing
Right Answer, Wrong Reason
Bait or tease
Drinking session
Regenerative Braking
Rebuildable Atomizers (Vaping), Regional Bureau for Arab States (UN)
Right Back at You
Right Back at You
Resting Bitch Face
Revolutionary But 'Gangsta'
Runs Batted In
Read Between the Lines
Red Bull and Vodka
Rate/Comment, Real Chat, Release Candidate, Remote Control, Roll Call
Remote Console
All Right, Real Deal
Really Don't Care
Robert Downey Jr (actor)
Regular Day Off
Rendezvous (Meeting)
Insult or Criticize
Recommendation, Recreation
Another Name for Brown Noise
Range-Extended Electric Vehicle
To give an unwanted gift on to another person
Recreation ground (UK)
Communist, Relative Energy Deficiency
Butlins holiday camp employee, British Soldier (pre-20th Century)
Mixed-Race Person
Online Community Network
Status Alert Icon (Microsoft Teams)
Poor or uneducated white Americans (derogatory)
Slang term for ridiculous
same as REEFER
Cannabis joint
Life portrayed online
Very attractive or sexy
Regular-grade cannabis (derogatory)
Regular-grade cannabis (derogatory)
Financially Ruined (Cryptocurrency Term)
Relatives (UK)
Rapid Eye Movement (sleep pattern), Rock Band
Anyone Not In Favor Of Britain's Exit From The European Union (Pejorative Term)
Website that Allows Users to Hire Friends
Obsessing about Someone or Something
Repetition, Representative, Reputation
Request, Requirement
Resin (drugs)
Share Traders
Re-Post, Resupply
Increase an engine's speed, Reverend
Sexually Explicit Images Shared Without Consent, With the Intention of Causing Distress or Harm
Range-Extended Electric Vehicle
Resurrect, Reservation
Request for Comment
Request for Information
Radio Frequency Identification
Request for Proposal
Request for Quotation
Right First Time, Rounds For Time
Reach for the Stars
Run for Your Life
Red, Green, Blue
Roger (Understood)
Right Hand Drive (vehicles)
Rumor Has It
Older man looking for a younger woman
Rank Has Its Privileges
Right Hand Side
Make fun of
Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements
Attractive Person (Irish Slang) or To Have Sex
Poor or uneducated people (derogatory)
Rot In Hell
Customizable incoming call tone on mobile phones
Republican In Name Only
Real Instagram
Convert music or video to another format
Possessing a heavily muscled body
Very Angry (Irish Slang)
Received In Swap
Recommended If You Like
Pulling Ability
Right to Keep and Bear Arms (US)
Real Life, Reinforcement Learning
Roll Like a Buffalo
Real Life Friend
Return Merchandise Authorization (purchasing)
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Rolling My Eyes
Read My Lips
Rate My Professor, Registered Medical Practitioner, Risk Management Plan, Royal Military Police
Results May Vary
Registered Nurse, Right Now, Royal Navy
Ribonucleic Acid (medical)
Rhythm and Blues
Random Number Generator
God of Random Number Generators
God of Random Number Generators
Recurrent Neural Networks
Rock 'n' Roll
Reverse Oral
The tip of a joint (drugs)
A Youth Subculture which Originated in Britain
Right of Admission Reserved
To Criticize or Reprimand Severely
Online Gaming Platform and Game Creation System
Roblox Currency
Outstanding or excellent
Crack Cocaine
Rules of Engagement (military)
Short for ROFL
Rolling On Floor Crying
Rolling On Floor Laughing
Rolling On Floor Laughing, Rotating Like A Helicopter
Rolling On Floor Laughing My F**king A** Off
Rolling On Floor, Laughing Out Loud
Really Old Git (UK)
Return on Investment
Being high on Ecstasy
Mugged or robbed
Being high on drugs
Alabama Multi-Use Catchphrase
Read-Only Memory
Romantic Comedy (film genre)
Room Arbiter Twitter Account
Right On Schedule
Reserve Officer Training Corps (US)
Rolling On the Floor
Rolling On the Floor for No Apparent Reason
Rolling On the Floor Laughing
Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud
Rolling On the Ground Laughing
Rise of the Moors, Run of the Mill
Casual Sex between Men from Different Social Classes
Remotely Operated Vehicle
Rest of the World
Relative of yours?
Police (UK)
Rating Pending, Role Play
Role-Playing Game, Rocket-Propelled Grenade
Range Per Hour
Revolutions Per Minute
Rock Paper Scissors
Rage Quit (Gaming), Random Question, Real Quick
Recommended Retail Price
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
Type of encryption algorithm
Repetitive Strain Injury (medical)
Real Soon Now
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (UK)
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (UK)
Expression of laughter
Really Simple Syndication
Repondez S'il Vous Plait (French for "Reply Please")
Real Time, Replacement Theory, Retweet
Road Traffic Accident
Return to Base
Ready to Drink
National broadcaster of the Republic of Ireland
Return the Favour
Read the Frequently Asked Questions
Read the F**king Description
Read the F**king Instructions
Read the F**king Manual
Read the F**king Question
Read the F***ing Thread, Read the F**king Topic
Ready to Go
Thank you for the Retweet
Read the Manual
Radio Telephone Operator, Recovery Time Objective, Return To Office
Real-Time Strategy, Real Time Sex
Ready To Wear, Return To Work, Right To Work, Rule The World
Are You?
Are You 18?
Are You Alone?
Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly
Fan of the Ska music genre originating in the UK in the 1980s, Gang member
Are You Kidding Me?
If It Exists, There Is Porn Of It (Internet Rule)
Huge fight
Are You OK?
Are You Serious?
Are You There?
Recreational Vehicle (US)
Rear Wheel Drive
Roaring With Laughter
Right Wing Nut Job
Random Wall Post
Reap What You Sow
Regarding Your Comment
Read Your Note, Regarding Your Note
Roll Your Own (cigarettes)
All Right!, Right
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