How to Spot Internet Grooming

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Spotting Online Grooming or Cyber Bullying of a Sexual Nature

Online grooming of children by predatory adults is a genuine concern for parents. Sexual bullying of children by their peers is also a serious problem.

Cyber Terms That Suggest Inappropriate Activity Is Already Happening

It is worth learning the following common cyber terms as they suggest your child:
  • Is part of a conversation of a sexual nature.
  • Is being groomed for a meeting.
  • Is hiding inappropriate activity from parents.
Cyber TermMeaning
BANGTIDYSexy or Good Looking
C2CCamera to Camera (webcams)
DLSDirty Little Secret
DMTADirty Minds Think Alike
ERPErotic Role Play
FIRMAttractive/Fit Body
FYEOFor Your Eyes Only
H/UHook Up Make Out
HORNYTurned On
IITYWYKMIf I Tell You Will You Kiss Me?
IKWYLI Know Where You Live
INYI Need You
IWYI Want You
KPCKeep Parents Clueless
LFTSULooking Forward to Seeing You
LGFBLooks Good from Behind
LMIRLLetís Meet Up In Real Life
MMAMPMeet Me At My Place
MIRLMeet Up In Real Life
NCMONon-Committal Make Out
NBGNasty But Good
PC4PCPicture Comment for Picture Comment
PFPPicture for Proof
RTFReturn the Favour
RUAAre You Alone?
WNOHGBWhere No One Has Gone Before
YBWYouíve Been Warned

Cyber Terms That Could Give a Warning of Inappropriate Activity

It is also worth learning the common cyber terms below as they might offer a warning that your child is involved in an inappropriate conversation, which could lead to more serious activity.

Cyber TermMeaning
AITRAdult In The Room
ASLAge, Sex, Location
ASLPAge, Sex, Location (Picture)
ATAPAny Time, Any Place
AYFTAre You Free Today?
BCWWBom Chicka Wah Wah (porn riff from the 70s)
BFKBig Fat Kiss
BMAKBlow Me a Kiss
BOLTOPBetter On Lips Than On Paper
BRESexy Girl
CLWYCanít Live Without You
CUTIEAttractive Person
CWTCUCanít Wait To See You
CWTSYCanít Wait To See You
DTCDown To Cuddle
DURSDamn, You Are Sexy
DYLMDo You Love Me?
F2FFace to Face
GOMDGuy/Girl of My Dreams
ICSTAYI Canít Stop Thinking About You
ILYI Love You
IRLIn Real Life
IWIWTI Wish I Was There
NMINeed More Info
PHUPotential Hook Up
S2RSend to Receive
WLTMWould Like to Meet

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