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Cyber Definitions Beginning with N

Not Applicable
Not Cool
No Text (no need to say it)
Inexperienced or New Person
Nice One
Not Too Bad
Need to Go
Need to Know, Nice to Know
Not Too Much
Nice to Meet You
Needless to Say, Note to Self
No Name Newbie
Inexperienced or New Person
Not Applicable, Not Available, Native American
Not at All
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Inexperienced or New Person
Not a Big Deal
Not a Chain, Not a Chance
No, Not an Expert
Cheesy or cheap
North American Free Trade Agreement
Not A Good Idea
Not a Good Look
No, No Asshole Here
You know what I mean?
Achieve an excellent result
Nursing at Keyboard
Need a Life
Not a Lot Going On
Not a Lot of People Know That.
North American Man/Boy Love Association
You know what I mean?
Great or good
Influential Social Media Personality with more than 1,000 Followers
A Short Sleep, Not a Problem
Random, meaningless word
Non-Athletic Regular Person
Limited Systems Designed to Perform Specific Tasks
Not a Registered User
Network Attached Storage
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation
Name, Age, Sex, Location
New Australian Tunneling Method, Not at the Moment
No Action Talk Only, North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Dapper or smart
Know What I Mean?
Not Bad
National Basketball Association
Never Been Better
National Broadcasting Company
No Big Deal
New Best Friend
Nasty But Good
No Basis In Fact
Never Been Kissed
Never Been Married, Nil By Mouth
No Bullsh*t
No Boyfriend Since Birth
Nothing But Trouble
Nothing Better to Do
Now Back to Work
No Choice
No Comment
National Collegiate Athletic Association
Never Coming Back
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (TV)
Non-Committal Make Out
Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable
No Call, No Show
Non-Commissioned Officer
And, Naturopathic Doctor, Negligent Discharge, No Drugs, North Dakota
Non-Disclosure Agreement
New Development Bank
Near Death Experience
Neither Do I
Non-Delivery Receipt
Nintendo DS
National Education Association
Impudence or Impertinence, Kiss and Cuddle
Non-Educated Delinquent
Maiden name
Not in Education, Employment or Training
Person who submits useless messages on a forum
Not Even Gonna Lie
Never Ever Give Up
Not Enough Information
Admirer of German NAZI Party
New Enterprise Operating Model, New Future
Nepotism Baby
Non-Existent Relationship
Clever but socially awkward person
Weaken a Game Feature
Nintendo Entertainment System
Chill With Someone In Front Of The TV
Two or more connected terminals or computers
Use of Scientific and Technological Tools to Enhance or Modify Brain Functions
Inexperienced or new person
Nerdy and Sexy
Nathan John Feuerstein, Not Funny
No Further Action
Not Funny at All
No F*cking Idea, Not F*cking Interested
National Football League
No Further Messages
Network File System, No Funny Sh*t, Not for Sale
Not For Showing Wife, Need For Speed: World
No Further Text, Non-Fungible Token
Not Fixed Yet
No Fly Zone
No Good
Not Gonna Happen
Not Gonna Lie
Non-Governmental Organization
No Girlfriend Since Birth
Never Give Up
Never Give Up, Never Surrender
No Holds Barred
Not Holding Back
No Harm Done
No Hard Feelings
Not Here for That
National Hockey League
Not Here Now
Never Heard of It
National Health Service
Never Heard That Before
No Idea, Northern Ireland
Never In a Million Years
New In Box
Network Interface Card
National Institute of Clinical Excellence
Measure of Drugs, Five-Year Term
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Never In Doubt
Naked In Front Of Computer
Now I Know
Plural of NIMBY
Not In My Back Yard
Objection to Local Development
Not In My Lifetime
Expert, N-----r
Japanese person (derogatory)
Newbie In Room
Need I Say More?
New In Town
Good Night
Not In the Mood
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Specific Facts or Details
Not In That Way
Nice Job
Not Joking
No Kidding, No Kids, Not Known
No Known Allergies
New Kid On the Block
No Limits
No Longer Available
Not Logged In
No Laughing Matter
Natural Language Processing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming
No Later Than
Never Let You Go
Never Married, Never Mind, No Messages, Nothing Much, Not Much
New Musical Express (magazine)
Not My Fault
Nodding My Head
Need More Info
Not My Job
Not Much Just Chat
Not Much, Just Chilling. U?
No Middle Name
Not My Opinion
Not My Problem
Not My Responsibility
Not My Style
Not My Type
Not Much, You?
No Matter What
No Matter What Happens
Nice Meeting You
Night Night , No Name, No Need, Non-Nudes, Not Negotiable
Not Necessarily In That Order
No Need to Open
Network News Transfer Protocol
No Need to Reply
Know, No Offense
No-One Cares
No big deal
No thought required to decide
No One Cares
Northern California
I'm Not Lying
Fall asleep
Newly Overhauled
No Offense Intended
No One Knows, Not Okay
Not Our Kind, Dear
No Lie
No One Likes You
No Offense Meant
None of My Business
Eating noises
No Mobile Phone Phobia
Now Or Never
A Date Arranged As A Social Get-Together, Rather Than A Romantic Event
Anonymous person
None of Your (business)
Inexperienced or New Person
Young Inexperienced or New Person
Head, Geek
To Rub Someone's Head with Your Knuckles (see also BEANO)
Older Sister
Music Genre, No Problem, Not Our Problem
No, Not of Planet Earth
No, Really?
Understated and Unpretentious
Nitrous Oxide
Food, No Shit
Acknowledgment of an Obvious Statement
None of the Above
None of Their Business
Not Over There Either
Unattractive Person
Not of This World
No, You
None of Your Business
None of Your Damn Business
Nitrous oxide
No Problem
No Problem at All
Non-Player Character
National Police Cadet Corps (Singapore), National Police Chiefs Council (UK)
No Pun Intended
No Picture, No Talk
Never Pull Out
National Public Radio (USA)
No Purchase Required
No Problems
No Problem Whatsoever
No Problems
No Question About That
Not Quite Right
No Reply, No Response
National Rifle Association
New Relationship Energy
Never Removed From Box
Non-Repairable Item or Non-Resident Indian
National Rugby League (Australia)
No Reply Necessary, Not Right Now
No Response
National Security Agency, No Strings Attached
Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Not Saying a Word
Never Say Die
Not So Fast
Not Sufficient Funds
Not Safe for Anyone
Not Safe for Life
Not Sorry for the Broadcast
Not Safe for Viewing
Not Safe For Work, Not Suitable For Work
Not So Much
Not So Nice
National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
New South Wales (Australia)
No Thanks
Not The Asshole
Not That Bothered, Not Too Bad
Not to Be Confused With
Need to Drop, Nothing to Do
New Technology File System
Need to Go, Nitroglycerin
Need to Know, Nice to Know
Not Too Much, Nothing Much
Nice to Meet You
Nice to Meet You
No Thanks Needed
Netorare, Nothing To Report
Note to Self, Nothing To Say
National Television System Committee
Nothing to See Here
Name That Tune, Not Touching That
Not That There's Anything Wrong With That
Not Talking to You
Not to Worry
No Thank You
New, No!, Really?, So?, Well?
Inexperienced or New Person
Enough, Nothing
High quality bud of cannabis
Stupid Person, Head, Snippet of Useful Information
To attack with a nuclear weapon
Tasty or delicious
Buffoon or stupid person
None of Your (Business)
National Union of Students (UK)
National Union of Teachers (UK)
Unhinged, Dangerous Person
Concise Summary
Crazy, Male Testicles
Never Mind, Not Very Much
Never Mind
No Visible Means of Support
Not Very Nice
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Never Mind
No Way
No Way In Hell
Not What I Mean
No Way Jose
Never Wanna Lose You
No Worries Mate
No Woman, No Cry
New Without Tags (eBay Classification)
No Worries, Not Work Safe
New With Tags
A New York Sex Cult
New York
Not Your Business
New York City
New Year's Day
New Year's Eve
Not Your Fault
Not Yet Known
Now You Know
Not Your Own Business
Not Your Problem
New York Police Department
National Youth Rights Association
New York Stock Exchange
New York Times
Not Your Type
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