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Cyber Definitions Beginning with D

Drunk and Disorderly, Drunk Driving, Dungeons and Dragons
Deep and Meaningful
Direct Current, Disconnected
Dominance and Submission
Dirty Dozen
Down to F*ck, Drug and Disease Free
Dead to Me
Dad, Defense Attaché, District Attorney
Concentrated Cannabis Extract, Dance Move, Digital Audio Broadcasting
Avant-Garde Art Movement, Clothing Brand, Defense Against the Dark Arts
Dad Body
Dominant Male, Male Partner
Don't Ask Don't Tell
Does Anybody Else
What The F*ck
Damn, Dog (with an Irish accent), Untrendy Individual
Not Trendy or Untidy
Spanish Person (an offensive term)
Don't Ask Me
Don't Ask Me How I Know
Do Anything Now
Excellent, Very Potent Cannabis
Anti-Biden Meme
Decentralized Autonomous Organization, Dude Arguing Online, Path or Way
Fist Touching as a Greeting
Don't Ask Questions
Drug Abuse Resistance Education
Pro-Biden Meme
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Dining at the Office
Digital Audio Workstation
One-Day Vacation
Daytime Party
David Bowie, Dead Bedroom, Decibel, Douchebag, Dumb Bitch
Don't Bother Asking
Dime By Comparison
Death Before Dishonor, Don't Be Dumb
Don't Believe Everything You Read
Divorced Black Woman or Dat Be Fair
Don't Believe It, Don't Buy It, Douchebag Index
Don't Be Jealous
Don't Be Late, Double
Don't Bother Me
Database Management System
Don't Bother Next Time
Damaged Beyond Repair
Deep Brain Stimulation, Disclosure and Barring Service, Don't Be Stupid
Doing Big Things
Dance Challenge, Dance Credit, Disconnect, Don't Care, Washington
Don't Count On It
Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency
Dream Come True
Drunk Dialing, Drunk Driving, Due Diligence, Large Breasts
Deaf Dumb and Blind
Drug and Disease Free
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Don't Do It
Daddy Dom, Little Girl
Day Month Year
Distributed Denial of Service
Don't Do That
Drug Enforcement Administration (US)
Drop Everything and Read
Don't Even Bother
Owned, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Jr., To Steal
Decent, December
Hand during a Card Game, To Floor Someone with a Punch
American Fresh Metal Band, Dead, Department of Economic Development, YouTube Channel
Reducing Reliance on US Dollars in Favor of Using Other Currencies or Assets
Owned, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Jr., To Steal
Advanced Technique for Human Image and Voice Synthesis
Exploiting Deepfake Technology for Harmful Creation and Distribution of Non-consensual Explicit Content
Scrolling back through someone's old social media posts and liking them
Extremely Difficult, Problematic, or Serious Situation
Secret Unelected Cabal
These Testicles
Definitely, DeForest Buckner
Prioritization of Social and Ecological Well-Being instead of Corporate Profits, Over-Production, and Excess Consumption
Don't Even Go There
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
Coronavirus Variant
Alternative Name for Deltacron Coronavirus Variant
A Gang's Premises, Hideout to Make or Use Drugs, Then
Private Team (Microsoft Teams)
Really? You Don't Say (i.e. that is obvious)
Derelict, Loser
Reply to Stupid Comment
Really? You Don't Say
Diesel Engine Road Vehicle
Department for Energy Security and Net Zero
Don't Even Trip
Don't Even Think About It
Process of Neutralizing or Eliminating Toxins From the Body
Bye or Peace
Devastated, Deviant
Development Operations
Da F*ck, Direction Finding, Disease Free, Drug Free
Don't Forget to Flush
Don't Force It
Deep French Kissing, Don't F*cking Know
Don't Feel Like It
Dance Floor Make Out
Done Fell Out, Duty Field Officer
Dating for Sport
Don't Forget to Be Awesome
Done for the Day
Don't Forget to Smile
Don't Forget to Say Your Prayers
Don't Feed the Troll
Down for Whatever
Don't Go
Don't Get Involved, Don't Get It
Don't Go Over There
Don't Go There
Don't Go There with Me
Darling Husband
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Postal Couriers
Don't Hit Me Up
Department of Homeland Security
Dynamic HTML
Demonstration of Higher Value
Don't Hold Your Breath
Die in a Fire
Someone who Holds Stocks or Shares Adamantly
To Claim (e.g. I have dibs on that.)
Do I Care?, Dick
Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment
You (German), Penis
A Devotee of a Particular Diet Condescendingly Explaining the 'Scientifically-Proven Benefits' of Their Way of Eating
To Like, To Understand
Use Of BAME Memes By White People
Period of Disconnection From Digital Devices
Telephone Number
Place Where You Sleep
Do I Know You?
Do I Know You?
Dad I'd Like to F*ck, Divorcee I'd Like to F*ck
Does It Look Like I Care
Do I Look Like I Give a Damn?
Do I Look Like I Give a F*ck?
Attractive Person, Inform On, Measure of Drugs
Dual In-line Memory Module
Do It Now
Money (from Dinars)
Double/Dual Income No Kids
Double/Dual Income No Kids Yuppie, Small
Stupid Person
I Did Not
Leave, Dodge
Foolish, Idiotic, or Incompetent Person
A Story To Someone's Detriment, Low Quality Cannabis
Did I Say, This
Communications App
Robots that Perform Automated Tasks on a Discord Server
Combination of a Discord Username and a 4-Digit Discriminator
Desperately In Search of
To Disrespect
Details in Threat
Down In the Dumps (i.e. miserable)
Absent Minded
Division, Stupid Person
Arrogant Female Celebrity
Possession by an Evil Spirit
Video Format
Do It Yourself
Absent Minded
Dinner Jacket, Disc Jockey, Dow Jones
Don't Judge Me
Don't Know
Don't Know Don't Care
Don't Know for Sure
Don't Kill Me
Donna Karan New York
Don't Kid Yourself, Don't Know Yet
Download, Down Low
Don't Laugh at Me
Don't Look Back
Downloadable Content
Dynamic Link Library (computer file type)
Don't Look Now
Dirty Little Secret
Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
Don't Let the B*stards Grind You Down
Don't Lie to Me
Demonstration of Lower Value
Deadmines or Dire Maul, Direct Message, Doesn't Matter, Don't Mind
Don't Make a Fuss
Drop Me a Line
Deep and Meaningful Conversation
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Don't Mention It
Don't Mind If I Do
Don't Mind Me
Don't Make Me Laugh
Dirty Money Syndicate
Di-Methyl Tryptamine (type of drug)
Dirty Minds Think Alike
Dead Man Walking
Don't Mess Yourself
De-militarized Zone
Deez Nuts, Doing Nothing, Domain Name, Don't Know
Deoxyribonucleic Acid, Did Not Attend, Does Not Apply
Drum and Bass
Do Not Delete, Do Not Disturb, Drunk and Disorderly, Dungeons and Dragons
Don't Know Don't Care
Do Not Erase, Does Not Exist
Did Not Finish, Do Not Follow, Dream Not Found
Do Not Feed the Troll
Documento Nacional de Identidad (Spanish), Do Not Interact
Do Not Know
Deep and Meaningful, Does Not Matter
Deep Neural Network
Don't Know
Do Not Post
Do Not Resuscitate
Did Not Start, Domain Name Service
Don't Need to Know
Do Not Want
Dead On Arrival
Date of Birth
Doctor, Drug of Choice, To Edit
Depart of Defense
Department of Energy, Depends On Experience
Depth of Field
Dying On Floor Laughing
Telephone, Ugly Woman (Offensive Term)
Internet Meme
Poor Quality, Worthless, or Disappointing
Double Overhead Cam
Really? You Don't Say
Diet Coke
Dying of Laughter
Dirty Old Man, Dominant
Female Dominant
Fellow or Tutor of a University, Mafia Boss
Drunk, Had Enough
Traditional Korean dish
I don't know
Cannabis Joint
Stupid Person
Awesome, Cannabis, Stupid Person
Donald Trump
Stupid Person
Dad Over Shoulder, Denial of Service [Attack], Disk Operating System
A Bore
Lazy Person
Damage Over Time
Douchebag, Shower
A Person who is Obnoxious and Untrustworthy or Who Acts Like an Idiot
Hidden Douchebag
Chinese Social Media Video App
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Depressant Drug, Depressing Person or Experience
Documents, Publish Private Information about a Person
Dick Pic, Double Penetration
Don't Push It, Dots Per Inch
Disruptive Pattern Material (Camouflage), Don't Push Me
Damage per Second, Dividend per Share
Dipropyltryptamine (Drug)
Data Processing Unit
Don't Pick Your Nose
Don't Quote Me on This
Don't Quit Your Day Job
Doctor, Double Rainbow
Boring Person or Situation, Cross-Dressing Performance Art, Draw on a Cigarette
Drunken Selfie
Dork, Style and Confidence
To Recce, To Shoot from a Car
Digital Rights Management
Hydroponically Grown Cannabis
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Mephedrone (Synthetic Stimulant), Monotonous Person,
Dead Right There
Don't Repeat Yourself, Uninteresting, Without Alcohol
Darling Son, Dear Sister, Dear Son, Directing Staff
Designated Sex At Birth
Do Some Damage
Digital Subscriber Line
Digital Single Lens Reflex
Digital Signal Processing, Dominant Social Paradigm
Department of Social Services
Daylight Saving Time
Data Transmission, Dedicated To, Deep Throat, Delirium Tremens, Detective, Double Tap
Don't Trust Anyone
Death to All Men
Don't Text Back, Don't Trust Bitches, Don't Trust Boys
Down to Cuddle
Drunk Till Dawn, Drunk Till Death
Down to Earth
Direct To Film, Down To F*ck
Down to Hang
Does the Look
Dead To Me, Doing Too Much, Don't Touch Me
Does That Make Sense?
Don't Tell Me What to Do
Don't Trust Nobody
Don't trust Nobody For Life
Disturbing the Peace
Define the Relationship
Do the Right Thing
Don't Touch That
Don't Text the Cell
Don't Talk to Me, Don't Text the Mobile
Don't Take Your Time
To Ignore, Uncool, To Win
World Wide Web
20-Dollar Bag of Cannabis
To Win, World Wide Web
To Pay Individually, Wife
Do You See What I See?
Do You See Why?
Friend, Man, Urban Man
Female Dude
Food Preferred by Men
Stupid Person
Really? You Don't Say
Driving Under the Influence
Do You Love Me?
Big Booty, Fat Person
Don't Know
Do Unto Others
Really? You Don't Say
Damn, You Are Sexy
To Run Away
Angel Dust, Phencyclidine (PCP)
Do You See Why?
To Pay Individually, Wife
Digital Versatile Disc
DVD Recordable
Video Copied from a DVD
Digital Visual Interface
Digital Video Recorder
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Dear Wife, Deutsche Welle, Distant Worlds, Doctor Who, Don't Worry
Don't Worry About It
Don't Worry Be Happy
Don't Worry 'Bout It
Do it
Divorced White Female
Deal with It
Do What I Say Not What I Do
Dying with Laughter
Divorced White Male
Don't Waste My Time
Drunk While Posting
Driving While Texting
Don't Work Too Hard
Dancing with the Stars
Don't Want to Talk About It
Don't Wait Up
Damn You Auto Correct
Don't You Dare
Do You Even Lift?
Dry Your Eyes Princess
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Do Your Job
Don't You Just Hate It When
Did You Know?, Do You Know?
Lesbian (Offensive Term)
Did You Know That?
Do You Know What I Mean?
Do You Like
Do You Like Me?, Do You Love Me?
Do You Mean?, Do You Mind?
Do Your Own Research
Do You See?
Do You See Why?
Don't You Think?
Do You Want to Have Sex?
Drop Zone, Meeting Place
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