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Cyber Definitions Beginning with M

Male, Married, Mature, Mephedrone (Synthetic Stimulant)
Mum and Dad
Mars & Murrie (colorfully coated button-sized chocolate sweets)
Marks & Spencer
Make Out
MEPHEDRONE (Synthetic Stimulant)
Me Too
Message to All Friends
Make My Day
My Two Favorite People
Machine to Machine, Mask to Mask, Norwegian Pop Duo
Sporty model of BMW car
Man looking for a woman
Best Mate (i.e., one better than a M8)
Master of Arts, Mum Alert
Male-Assigned at Birth
Macintosh, Media Access Control
Going at Maximum Speed
Digital Filmmaking Technique
Influential Social Media Personality with between 100,000 and 1 Million Followers
Extremely, Really
Mothers Against Drink Driving
Make America Great Again
Economic Plan
TikTok Video Meme
Bad or Evil
Malicious Software Designed to Harm or Exploit a Device or Network
Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Alphabet
Someone from Manchester
Gang, Group Of Male Friends
Powdered or Crystallized MDMA
A Man's Exaggerated Response To Symptoms Of Cold Or Flu
Filthy or Horrible
A Man's Exaggerated Response To Symptoms Of Illness, An Unwanted male Suitor
Japanese Comics or Graphic Novels
Chinese Comics
Genre of Korean Cartoons and Comic Books
A Man Condescendingly Explaining Something to a Woman
Most Annoying People On the Internet
Targeted person
Mildly Amused Smirk
Piece of media created by using parts of several other songs, texts or videos
Cannabis from Hawaii
Might As Well
May Angels Watch Over You
Maybe, MB Music, Megabyte, Mindless Behavior, My Bad
Masters of Business Association, Married But Available
Married Black Couple
My Bad Dudes
My Best Friend
My Brother from Another Mother
Married But Looking
Married Black Male
Must Be Nice
Management Buy-Out, Must Be Off
MegaBits Per Second
Master Boot Record
Mohammed bin Salman, Mom Behind Shoulder, Mortgage-Backed Security
Married Black Woman
Married Couple, Master of Ceremonies
Much Clown Love
Male Chauvinist Pig
French Music TV Video Channel, Man Crush Monday, Mighty Car Mods
Doctor of Medicine, Managing Director
MDMA (Ecstasy) or Media Development Authority (Singapore)
Mediocre Dick Energy, Methylenedioxy-N-Ethylamphetamine (Eve)
Methylenedioxy-N-Ethylamphetamine (Eve)
Medium Density Fiberboard
Methylenedioxy-Methylamfetamine (Ecstasy)
Memorial Day Weekend
Me Too
Attractive or Sexy Person
Brutish or heavily-muscled person
Random word with no meaning inserted into conversation
A Romantic First Encounter
Person attracted to large men
Influential Social Media Personality with more than 1 Million Followers
My Eyes Glazed Over
Expression of Indifference or Disdain
An idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture
Mint infused cigarette
Mental Breakdown
MEPHEDRONE (Synthetic Stimulant)
Member of the European Parliament
Synthetic Stimulant
Kill, Mercedes Benz Car, Mercenary
Exchange of Data by Electronic Means
Beyond, Transcending, About; Most Effective Tactics Available
Convergence of Physical, Augmented, and Virtual Reality
To Give (Out), To Dole (Out), To Distribute
Low-grade cannabis from Mexico
Microsoft Foundation Classes, Mildly Fat Chick
Made for Each Other
Marked for Later
My Face When
Machine Gun, Milligram
May God Bless You
Miller Genuine Draft (beer)
Male Genital Mutilation
Men Going Their Own Way
Map Hack
My Heart Bleeds for You
Menstrual Hygiene Day, Mohamed Sylla (French Rapper)
Menstrual Hygiene Health
Menstrual Hygiene Management, Yes
Yes, Really?
My Honest Opinion
My Hat's Off to You
Many Happy Returns
Military Intelligence Service 5
Military Intelligence Service 6
Missing In Action, Mathangi Maya Arulpragasam, Song by Bad Bunny
Men In Black (film)
Mic Drop
Influential Social Media Personality with between 10,000 and 40,000 Followers
Musical Instrument Digital Interface
Irritate or Annoy
Female Friend, Make It Go Away
Made It happen, Make It Happen
Make It Happen on Purpose, Making It Happen on Purpose
Mother In Law
Mother I'd Like to F*ck
Famous to Infamous
Million (pounds or dollars)
Generation Born between 1981 and 1996
Split-Second Pause at Beginning of Video to Ensure Camera is Recording
Multiple Input Multiple Output
Minimum, Minute
A Sandbox Video Game
Playing Minecraft
Unattractive person
Unattractive person
Horrible or Disgusting
Pristine Condition, Superb or Cool
Monied or Wealthy
Naughty or Mischievous Girl
Minor In Possession (drugs)
Million Instructions Per Second
Meet In Real Life
Display Mirrored Image in Zoom Conference
Mint In Sealed Box
My Internet Shut Off
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Magic Kingdom, Marc Kinchen, Michael Kors, MK Ultra, Mmm Okay, Mong Kok, Mortal Kombat,
Mmm, Okay
Machine Learning, Mobile Legends, Much Love
My Lips Are Sealed
Major League Baseball
Mobile Legends Bang Bang
My Life Is Average
My Life Is Bro (good)
My Life Is Good
My Life Is Magic
My Life Is Twilight
Men Loving Men, Middle Finger (Emoticon), Multi-Level Marketing, Muslim Lives Matter
My Little Pony
Major League Soccer, My Life Sucks
Multiple Long Term Relationships
Much Like Your Post
Marriage Minded, Married Man
Meet Me At, Mixed Martial Arts
Meet Me at My Place
Make Me an Offer
Multimedia Card
Make My Day
Meet Me Halfway
Yes, Really
Me Myself and I
Medical Cannabis
Mmm, Okay
Made Me Laugh
Expression of Pleasure or Contentment, 3M Company
Made Me Smile, Multimedia Messaging Service
Makes Me Think
Mileage May Vary
Many More Years
Married No Children, Mobile Network Code
Monday Night Football
Eminem (rap artist)
Maybe Next Time
Modus Operandi
Man On a Mission
Mother of All Secrets
Disorderly Crowd, Mobile Game Entity, The Mafia
Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
Group bullying
Marriage of Convenience
Modification, Modernist
My Other Half
Horny, Weak or Pathetic
Personal luck or sex appeal
More Or Less
Girlfriend of a gangster
Powdered or Crystallized MDMA
Idiot or irritating person
Good or Cool
Extremely idiotic person
Someone Who Moves Quickly From One Relationship To The Next
Piercing between Nose and Upper Lip
Matter of Opinion, My Own Opinion
Relatable Feeling, State of Mind
Exposing the Buttocks, Strong Upward Trend (Cryptocurrency Term)
Head hair
Master of the Painfully Obvious
Minimum Order Quantity
Male or Female
Erection on Waking
Mum Over Shoulder
Violent group dancing at a rock concert
Ministry of Transport Car Safety Test
Mother of the Bride
Match of the Day
Message of the Day
Master of the Known Universe
Master of the Obvious
Making Motor Noises with Your head between a Woman's Breasts
Member Of The Opposite Sex
Member Of The Same Sex
Make of That What You Will
Memorandum of Understanding
Person Who Spends All Day at a Computer
Confidence or assertiveness
Mana Points or Magic Points, Member Of Parliament, Military Police, Multiplayer
MPEG Layer 3 (audio file)
MPEG Layer 4 (video or audio file)
Type of Submachine Gun
Music Publishers' Association
Motion Picture Association of America
My Point Exactly
Moving Picture Experts Group (audio or video file format)
Miles Per Gallon
Miles Per Hour
My Personal Opinion
Master Pick Up Artist
Multi-Purpose Vehicle
Mentally Retarded, Mixed Reality
Man Bra
Meal, Ready to Eat
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Manufacturer's Recommended Price
My Reaction When
Microsoft Developer Network
Microsoft Disk Operating System
Male Seeking Female
My Sister From Another Mister
E621 Image Board, Message, Monosodium Glutamate
Mainstream Media
Microsoft Network
Mulder and Scully Romance
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
More Than Anything
More Than A friend
Mountain Bike
Mean Time Between Failures (reliability)
May the Best Man Win
More to Come
Month to Date
My Thoughts Exactly
Male to Female (Transgender), More to Follow
May the Force Be With You
May the Force Be With You
Montreal, Canada
May the Lord Be With You
Media TakeOut (News Channel), Make To Order, Made To Order
More Than You Know
Music Television Channel
Mum's the Word
More Than You Know
Multi User
Evil laugh
Many or very
White woman who dates black men
Bungle, Vagina
Body fat protruding over the top of trousers or skirt
Face, Idiot, Rob
Photograph of the head and shoulders
Me or my
Korean Video of a Person Eating and Talking to the Audience
Person who Carries Something for Someone Else
Miss You, Love You
Gaming Communications App
Guy Who Performs Oral Sex on a Girl
Mash Until No Good
Unattractive person
Furry TV character created by Jim Henson, Idiot
To Kill
Male nurse
Male friend
Magic Mushrooms
Miss You So Much
Miss You Very Much
Metaverse, Music Video
Motor Vehicle Accident
Minimum Viable Product, Most Valuable Player
Married With Children or Married White Couple
Married White Female
Mad With It
Married White Male
Miss You
Apology (My Bad)
My boyfriend or girlfriend
Expression of disbelief
My type of girl
Mind Your Business
Maybe You Can Help, Mych Billie
Miss Your Face
May Your God Go With You
Miss You Loads
Make Your Mother Proud
Mind Your Neck
Mind Your Own Business
Mind Your Own Damn Business
Miss You So Much
A social networking site
Meet You There
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