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The world has changed! Language has changed. Typing has overtaken talking. Here's our evidence...

Eight of the top 10 ten most Google'd abbreviations are internet-slang terms.


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For Improving Message Tone

For Improving Efficiency

For Making You Laugh

For Taking Photographs

Read more about the evolution of "SELFIE".

For Online Gaming

Read more about online gaming terms. Read more about inserting message tone in texts.

For Spotting Groomers

Read more about spotting grooming on the internet.

For Understanding Relationships

Read more about online dating terms.

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Cyber Speak Improves Brevity and Message Tone

Due to the rise in digital gadgetry, writing is starting to overtake talking as a way of communicating with our family and friends. As a result, thousands of new terms (including abbreviations, icons, and specialist cyber terms) have been added to our language, and the number is growing rapidly.

Cyber Speak has come about to improve brevity and message tone. It is also great fun. Here are some common examples:



  • <3 (I love you)
  • <333 (I really love you)

Specialist Cyber Terms

  • 143 (I love you - number of letters in each word)
  • 153 (I adore you - number of letters in each word)
  • <4 (I really love you - more than <3)
  • <2 (It's not love yet - less than <3)

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