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Cyber Definitions Beginning with B

Be, Black, Bro or Brother,
Band, Banned
Bed and Breakfast
Bondage & Domination or Bondage & Discipline
Breaking and Entering
Benson and Hedges
Bricks and Mortar
Black and White
Smiley Face with Sunglasses (Cool Dude)
Between, Black and White
Back to Back, Back to Basics, Business to Business
Business to Consumer
Back to Work
Bye for Now
Before you
Before You Know It
Band, Banned
Generation Born during the Post—World War II Baby Boom (Between 1946 and 1964)
Hogging The Marijuana Joint When Passing It Around, Looking After A Friend Who Is Tripping
Back at Computer, Blood Alcohol Content
A Cognitive Bias
Coded Language
Return to a Former Partner
Bankers Automated Clearing System
Cool Person, Excellent, Person with Questionable Morals
A Person with Questionable Morals, Gangster
Mistype of Badoo
An Adult Dating Website
Baby, Before Anyone Else
Best and Final offer
Cryptocurrency or Stock Holdings, Horrible Woman, To Acquire
Someone Whose Trading Position has Severely Dropped in Value
Bust a Gut Laughing
Bored As Hell
An Evil Laugh
Chinese Search Engine, Online Services Provider, and AI Company
Child (Scottish)
Obvious or Axiomatic
Back at Keyboard
To Acquire a Sun Tan, To Smoke or Prepare Marijuana
Harmonization of Characteristics
Having a Good Time, Playing Basketball
Below Average Mentality, Sorted!
US President Barrack Obama
Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic
Bad Ass Mother F*cker
By Any Means Necessary
Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything/Anyone, Westernized Asian Person
Traditional Korean Side Dish
Old Car, Sausage, Something Great, Cool, or Impressive
Having Sex, Spot On
Sexy or Good Looking
To Break
On-Screen Notifications (Microsoft Teams)
Playful Chat
Be Aware of
Barbecue, Girl Who Looks Like a Barbie Doll
Lots Of, Obviously, Very
Unprotected Sex
To Vomit
Hanger On
Cool and Confident, Correct
Drug User
Boring, Simple
Irrational, Crazy, or Mentally Unstable
Throttling of the Performance of iPhones, Without the Knowledge of Users
Back At You, Business As Usual, University of Design in Barcelona (Spain)
Baby, Bareback, BB Gun, Basketball, Be Back, Big Brother, Blackberry, Body Builder
Bye Bye for Now
Be Back After Meal
Better Business Bureau, Bored Beyond Belief, Bugging Beyond Belief, Bullsh*t Baffles Brains
Big Beautiful Black Woman
Big Black Cock, British Born Chinese, British Broadcasting Corporation
Big Bad Evil Guy
Best Buddies for Life
Bye Bye for Now
Beautiful Baby Girl, Better Be Going, Bikini Body Guide
Be Back in a Bit
Be Back in a Few
Be Back in a Minute
Be Back in a Second
Boy Better Know
Be Back Later, Brazilian Butt Lift
Big Bootie Mix, Blackberry Messenger
Be Back Much Later
Be Back Never
Being Bored Online
Barbecue, Better Be Quick
Blond, Brunette, Redhead
Be Back Soon, Bulletin Board System
Be Back Tomorrow
Big Beautiful Woman
Be Back Way Later
Baby Girl
Because, Before Christ, Before Corona, Birth Control
Blind Carbon Copy
Behind Closed Doors
Before Common Era
Best Cousins Forever
Birth Control Glasses
Be Seeing You
Bom Chicka Wah Wah
Baby Daddy, Big Data, Big Deal, Black Disciples, Business Development
Badly Drawn C*ck
Big Dick Energy
Busy Doing Nothing
Best Day of My Life
Bad and Wrong
Blu-Ray Disc Rip
Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission and Sado-Masochism
Brain Dead User, Battle Dress Uniform,
A Raucous Outing, To Rub Someone's Head with Your Knuckles
Ecstacy (drug)
Large Hairy Man
Awesome, To Work Someone Hard, Ugly or Well-Built Person
Awesome, Ugly or Muscled
Exhausted, Perfect, Ugly
Old Car of Little Value
Old Sneakers
The Application of Makeup In a Very Skillful Manner
Hard Worker, Vagina
A Social Networking Site
Pejorative Term for a White Woman
To Sleep With
Issue (as in problem)
Attractive Older Man
A Selfie With A Beer
Best Email Friend, Best Enemies Forever
Balance, Eyes, Face, Arm, Speech, Time
Big Evil Grin
Traits or Behaviors That Are Neither Particularly Good nor Bad
Bum Selfie
A Good Thing
A 100-dollar Note
Mercedes, Petrol or Diesel
Beyond Economical Repair
Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers
Little Kisses (Spanish)
Kiss (Spanish)
Best Regards
Best Friend
Best Friend
For Sure
Better, Pre-Release Version
Attractive Young Woman
Battery Electric Vehicle
Best Friend
Best Friend
Best Friend
Battlefield, Best Friend, Boyfriend
Best Friends for Life
Best Friends Always
Back for a Bit
Brother from Another Mother
Battle for Battle for Dream Island, Best Friend's Brother, Better from Behind
Battle for Dream Island
Best Friends Forever, Big Fat Friend
Best Friend Forever for Life
Best Friends for All Eternity, Best Friends Forever and Ever
Best Friends Forever
Best Friend for Life
Best Friends for Like Ever
Best Friends for Life till Death Do Us Part
Best Friend for Now
Be F*cking For Real
Best Friend Forever with Benefits
Best Friend in the World
Big Fat Kiss
Bye for Now
Big Fat Positive (means pregnant)
Blast from the Past
Best Friends until Tomorrow
Best Friend with Benefits
Bad Game, Bodyguard
Best Girl Friend
Big Game License
Background Music
Battlegrounds Mobile India
Britain's Got Talent
Big Head, Bloody Hell!
Bad Hair Day
Bless His (or Her) Heart
Be Home Late
Bald Headed Man, Big Handsome Man, Big Hunky Man
Butane Hash Oil, Barack Hussein Obama
Be Home Soon, British Home Stores
Sexy (from "boom")
Back in a Bit
Believe It, Comrade
But, I Could Be Wrong
Good Looking Girl, Old Lady
Good Looking Girl, Old Lady
Best I Ever Had
Bisexual Female
An Incompetent Person, Best Friend, To punch
Best Internet Friend for Life
Employees Voluntarily Leaving Jobs En Masse
Much More Than Normal
To Praise Highly
Brother In-Law
Because I Love You
Bisexual Male
Unintelligent But Pretty Girl
Bisexual Married Female
Bisexual Married Male
Buy It Now
Because It's Not Google, Microsoft Search Engine
Exactly Right!
Glasses or Binoculars
Girl (Offensive Term)
Biological Break (a toilet break)
Manipulating One’s Own Biology To Optimize Health, Well-Being, and Performance
Unique Physical Characteristics that Can Be Used for Automated Recognition
Believe It or Not
Basic Input Output System
Black, Indigenous, People of Color
Cocaine, Prison, Woman
Bird Meme, One Under Par (Golf Term)
Good Looking Person
But I Still Love You
Kiss (in French)
Because I Said So
Binary Digit, To Fall for a Trick)
A Type Of Cryptocurrency
Back in the Day
Best in the World
Business, Excellent
Blow Job
Burger King
Better Known As
Bad Luck, Bottom Line, Boy Love
Attempting to Appear Black
Brother, Fellow Gang Member
Waffle or Whatever
To ignore, Under-active Sperm
Waffle or Whatever
This is boring
A Good Time, Damn!
To Smoke Marijuana
Excellent, Smoking Weed
Bad Life Decision
Unwell, Whatever
High on Marijuana
A Black Person, A Moment
A Piece of Marijuana
Expression of Surprise
In love
Black Lives Matter
Better Luck Next Time
Public Online Ledger
Big Laugh Out Loud
Brother, Fellow Gang Member
Association of US Street Gangs
Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato
Better Late Than Never
Brother, Fellow Gang Member
Well-established and Financially Sound Company
Form of Marijuana
GHB (Club/Date-Rape Drug)
Sound Played for Relaxation
Best Ever
Opioid Drug
Bottom Line Up Front, To Hide the Truth (to bluff)
Marijuana Cigar
Baby Mama, Bad Mannered, Black Man, BMW, Bowel Movement
Best Mates for Life
Blow Me a Kiss
Blow My Brains Out
Body Modification Ezine
Best Mates Forever
Best Mates for Life
Be My Guest
Body Mass Index
Bite My Lip, Bless My Life, Bling My Line
Big Man On Campus
Bitmap (image format)
Broke My Scale
Basic Military Training, Before My Time, Big Man Ting, Biting My Tongue, Subway Sandwich
Best Mates till the Very End
Beam Me up, Scotty
Be My Valentine
Bavarian Motor Works, Big Mexican Woman
Bicycle Motocross
Bad News Bears, Bed And Breakfast, Bread And Butter
British Nuclear Cardiology Society or Bayonet Nut Couplings
Big Name Fan
Blow and Go
Batteries Not Included
Brand New In Box
Big / Boys Night Out, British National Overseas
Big Name On Campus
British National Party
But Not Really
Brand New Without Tags
Brand New With Tags
Body Odour, Best Offer, Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Bust Out Another Thousand
Body off Baywatch Face off Crimewatch
British Overseas Territories Citizen, But of Course
Beginning of Day, Body, Person
Awesome, Cool, Remarkable, Sexy
Number of People Slept With
Bank Of England, Bind On Equip (Gaming)
Book of Exalted Deeds
Geek or Expert
Perfect, Really Good, Totally Correct
Cigarette, Enemy Aircraft
Buy One Get One
Buy One Get One Free
Bunch of Guys Sitting Around Talking
Ugly Woman
To Gag
Best of Luck
Be on the Lookout
Better On Lips Than On Paper
Excellent, Failure
Rapidly Developing Cyclone
Very Attractive and Sexy Woman
To Revise for an Examination
Water Pipe for Smoking
Boyfriend or Girlfriend
A Common Predictive Text Error for COOL
Book TikTok
Member of the Baby Boomer Generation
Members of the Baby Boomer Generation, Magic Mushrooms
Bored Out of My Mind
Magic Mushrooms
A Long Term Inexperienced Person
An Inexperienced Person, To Vomit
Ass (Buttocks), Royal Marine
Expression of Excitement or Approval
Alcoholic Drinks
A Public House
Dance, Good Song
Boyfriend Over Shoulder
Person In Charge, Significant Opponent, Awesome or Great
Back on Topic, Robot
British Overseas Territories Citizen
To Mess up
Back of the Net
But on the Other Hand
Back on to the Subject
Blog of the Week
High Class
High Class
High Class
High Class
The Bowl of a Marijuana Pipe
Incompetent Person
Borderline Personality Disorder
Beats Per Minute
Black Panther Party, British Protected Person
Bits (or Bytes) Per Second
Be Quiet
Best Regards
Brother, Great
Money, Prostitute
Annoying Child, Soldier on Apprenticeship (UK)
Person, Well Done!
Be Right Back
Be Right Back
2'Live Bre, Bre-Z
Sending Messages in Order to Lead Someone On, but with No Intent of a Serious Relationship
Black and Red Colorway
Brother or Friend
Heterosexual Person, Incompetent Parent
Brethren or Brothers
Beer, Brother, Tea
British Exit From The EU
Bitchy Resting Face
Best Regards
Be Right Here
1 Kilogram of Something (usually drugs)
Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa
British Citizen
Brother Like Yoda
Hypersensitive White Male
Embarrassed, Penniless
Very Close Non-Sexual Relationship Between Men
Sound Played for Relaxation
Be Right There
Beer, Brother, Tea
Beer, Brother, Tea
Breakfast and Lunch
Brother, Mate
Backstreet Boys
Bachelor of Science
Back Stabber
Best Friend, Best Sister Friend, But Seriously Folks
British Sign Language
Blue Screen of Death (what you get when your PC crashes)
Big Smile On Face
Big Smile On Face Now
Blood, Sweat and Tears, British Summer Time
Better Safe Than Sorry
Boring Status Update
Bit Torrent, British Telecom
But Then Again
Be That As It May
Bite The Bullet, Bring That Booty, By The By
Bloons Tower Defense, Bored to Death
Been There Done That
Been There, Done That Got the T-Shirt
Best Time Ever
Buy The F*cking Dip (Cryptocurrency Term)
By the Grace of God
Beat the Hell Outta
Beats the Hell Outta Me
Back to Keyboard
Below the Line, Between the Lines, Buy to Let
Be There Moment
Better Than Nothing
Be There Or Be Square
Bangtan Boys, Be There Soon, Better Than Sex
Bump to Top
Back to the Future (Movie)
Back to the Top
By the Way
By the Way I Think I Am in Love with You
By the Way I Think I Am in Love with You
By the Way I Think I'm in Love with You
Back to You
Been Up to Much?
Champagne, Friend
Algorithmically Defined Group, Powdered Illegal Stimulants
Term of Endearment for Partner
Term of Endearment for Partner
Dollar, Money
Budweiser Beer, Cannabis, Clitoris, Friend
Beneficial Effect, Good Looking, Naked, Well Defined
Fault or Failure, To Hassle or Annoy
An expression of dismay, Bosh!
Cool, Soulful or Ethereal
Lots Of
Rubbish, Strong Man
Traditional Korean dish of beef or pork
False, Deceptive, Exaggerated, or Nonsensical
Exploited, Upset
Bad Event, Bad Luck
Bring Up My Post
Heroin, Ounce of Marijuana, Smoke a Joint
Heroin, Large Amount of Money
To Be Pregnant
Breasts, Buttocks
Black Urban Professional
Girl, Girlfriend
Girl, Girlfriend
Be Upstairs Ready My Angel
Insulting or Humiliating Comment, Smoke a Joint
Expended, Found Out, Insulted
Expended, Found Out, Insulted
Cold, Laughing
Awesome, Cool
Boy Pussy
Broken, Not Attractive, To Be Caught
Accidentally Calling When Your Phone Is in Your Pocket
Girl with Nice Body, but Ugly Face
Enjoyment, Excitement
To Ruin a Special Moment
To Go Away, To Send Away
Slightly inebriated
Busy, Exciting, Unclean
Bad Vibe
Blessed Virgin Mary
Beautiful Woman, Black and White
Beauty Without Cruelty, Big White Cock, But Who Cares?
But What Do I Know?
Big Wide Grin
Bursting with Laughter
Bear with Me
Bisexual White Male
But What the Hell
Between You and I
Between You and Me
A Dismissive Goodbye
Before You Follow
Bless Your Heart or Bang Your Head
Before You Know It
But You Know That
Bring Your Own
Bring Your Own Beer, Bring Your Own Booze, Bring Your Own Bottle
Bring Your Own Cloud, Bring Your Own Computer
Bring Your Own Device
Bring Your Own Mask, Bring Your Own Meat, Bring Your Own Music
Beg Your Pardon
Before Your Time, Bright Young Thing
Better You Than Me
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