What Does SANDBOX Mean?

SANDBOX means Open-World Game in an online gaming context.

With an Open-World Game, the world is your oyster. That means you can do whatever you please. You can go where you want, kill what you want, or build what you want. Itís your SANDBOX, you can play in it however you like. Grand Theft Auto is a well-loved SANDBOX game.

Summary of Key Points

"Open-World Game" is the most common definition for SANDBOX on online gaming forums.
Definition:Open-World Game
Type:Slang Word (Jargon)
3: Guessable
Typical Users:
Adults and Teenagers


Examples of SANDBOX in Sentences

Here is an example of SANDBOX being used in an online conversation:
  • Jack: What are you doing tonight?
  • Monty: I think I'll just wander around my SANDBOX killing stuff for shooting practice.
  • Jack: An easy night's training then?
  • Monty: It all helps.

Example of SANDBOX Used in a Text

Using SANDBOX on a Cell Phone (SMS Texts, Whatsapp, or Snapchat)


See Also

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