SSBBW (Dating Term)

What Does SSBBW Mean in a Text?

SSBBW means "Super-Sized Big, Beautiful Woman." It is an extension to the BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) genre. The addition of "Super-Sized" is specifically reserved for women who weigh over 400lbs. (Of note, this definition is often disputed as the term "super size" more commonly applies to people who weight more than 250lbs or who wear clothes XXXL or larger.)
BBW Magazine cover

The term BBW and the newer term SSBBW are often used by women to refer to themselves as a measure of confidence about their curvaceous figures. Both abbreviations are also common on porn and dating sites in a bid to attract partners with "large women" fetishes. Neither BBW nor SSBBW is a derogatory term. Both are designed to celebrate the attractiveness of ladies who do not conform to traditional societal standards of beauty.

The main term (BBW) derives from the late 1970s, meaning it predates the internet by a several decades. More specifically, BBW comes from the "Big Beautiful Woman" magazine, created by Carole Shaw in 1979. Now a popular website for larger women, the magazine's tag-line is "The Power of Plus."

Similar Terms to SSBBW

Here are five similar terms celebrating big people:
  • PAWG (an attractive girl of Caucasian origin who has a large butt)
  • THICC (a person, usually a woman, with a big, curvy, and sexy body)
  • PHAT (an acronym for Pretty, Hot And Tempting)
  • BBBW (an abbreviation for Big Beautiful Black Woman)
  • SSBHM (an abbreviation for Super-Sized Big, Handsome Man.)

Examples of SSBBW in Conversations

  • Teddy: Hey, you're not SSBBW. I'd say BBW at most.
  • Janet: What? I don't think you get it. I'm not trying to lose weight, you know?
  • Teddy: It was meant to be a compliment.
  • Janet: Perhaps you should do some homework on The Body Positivity Movement before we have a date.
  • Simon: Hello?
  • Carla: I just want to check that you know what SSBBW means before we meet.
  • Simon: I know exactly what it means! I'm pretty sure you're PHAT.

Body Positivity vs Body Shaming

body shaming

Body Positivity Is a Fightback against Body Shaming. The overt celebration of oversized bodies is a direct response to the practice of "body shaming," which involves criticizing, mocking, or making negative comments about someone's physical appearance. Body shaming is described as "an insidious practice that perpetuates harmful and unrealistic standards of beauty, fostering a culture of judgment and self-doubt." It has been linked to mental-health issues (e.g., low self-esteem, depression, and eating disorders). It stands in stark contrast to the ideals of the Body Positivity Movement, which seeks to nurture acceptance, appreciation, and respect for all bodies as they are.

Supporters of the Body Positivity Movement believe that all bodies, irrespective of shape, size, age, ethnicity, gender, or ability, deserve to be celebrated and accepted without prejudice. Tracing its roots back to various social movements throughout the 20th century, the movement promotes the idea that self-worth should not be contingent on conforming to societal body standards. Their message is clear: Love, respect, and accept yourself, and extend that same courtesy to others.
plus-sized model

The Fashion Industry Is Embracing Body Positivity. The good news is that body positivity is winning the fight over body shaming. This is evidenced not only by the popularity of terms like BBW and SSBBW but also a notable wave sweeping across the fashion industry, which is dismantling long-established norms and redefining the conventional standards of beauty and style. Increasingly, designers, brands, and retailers are embracing a more inclusive approach, spotlighting models of diverse shapes, sizes, and backgrounds in their campaigns.

The News Media Is Promoting Body Positivity. The movement's influence is also highly evident in the mainstream media. Once staunch perpetuators of narrow beauty ideals, the vast majority of mainstream media outlets are increasing the visibility of diverse body types, ethnicities, and unique physical attributes.

Image for SSBBW

When I write SSBBW, I mean this:

meaning of SSBBW

"Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman"

Summary of Key Points

Definition for SSBBW

"Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman" is by far the most common meaning for SSBBW. It is common on online dating sites, such as Craigslist, Tinder, Zoosk and, as well as in texts and on chat forums.
Definition:Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman
Guessability:guessability level 4

4: Difficult to guess (if you're not familiar with the original term BBW)

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An Academic Look at SSBBW

SSBBW is classified as an initialism abbreviation because its individual letters a pronounced (ess ess be be dubl'yoo). Technically, it is not an acronym because acronyms are abbreviations spoken like words (e.g., NATO, SCUBA).

Example of SSBBW Used in a Text

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