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Meaning of BBEG

What Does BBEG Mean?

BBEG usually means "Big Bad Evil Guy", but it can also mean "Big Bad Evil Girl".

In a video game, a BBEG is the villain that a gamer encounters in the climactic stage of a game level or at the end of the whole game. Typically, in the game scenario, the BBEG is the master baddie who controls all the other baddies who were fought en route to finding the BBEG. (A BBEG is like the queen bee of a hive.)
Summary of Key Points

Definition for BBEG

BBEG means "Big Bad Evil Guy". This is the most common definition for BBEG on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Here is some more information about BBEG:

Definition:Big Bad Evil Guy
4: Difficult to guess
Typical Users:
Adults and Teenagers
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When I write BBEG, I mean this:

meaning of BBEG
A BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) is like the queen bee in a hive.

Examples of BBEG in Sentences

Here are examples of BBEG being used in conversations:
  • Person A: How do you get past the BBEG?
  • Person B: I have no idea.
  • Person A: The BBEG is a beautiful witch.
  • Person B: Thanks for the spoiler!

An Academic Look at BBEG

The term BBEG is used like a noun. Pronounced "Beebeg" or just "Beg", BBEG is an acronym (i.e., an abbreviation spoken like a word). Acronyms differ from initialism abbreviations, which are pronounced using their individual letters.

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