BTS Biot


What Does BTS Biot Mean?

BTS Biot means "BTS Gay."

The term "BTS Biot" is an offensive term used to describe the Korean boy band BTS. The word "biot" is a derogatory term that means "gay" in Filipino. "Biot" is as offensive in Filipino as it is in English. In late 2021, the term trended strongly on social media as a form of attack against BTS's fans, known as the Army.

BTS Biot is sometimes expanded to "BTS Biot Talaga Sila," which means "BTS gay, they really are." Obviously, this expansion is designed to fit the letters of the abbreviation BTS, which actually stands for "Bang Tan Sonyeondan" (Bulletproof Boy Scouts).

(NB: Cyber Definitions became aware of this term, when an anti-Army troll posted a comment on our BTS video. The comment was immediately removed, and the poster was blocked and reported. Of note, "biot" is so offensive, Google translate will not offer a translation if you include it in your term.)

Summary of Key Points

"BTS Gay" is the most common definition for BTS Biot on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
BTS Biot
Definition:BTS Gay
4: Difficult to guess
(If you're not Filipino)
Typical Users:
Teenagers and Under 13s

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Examples of BTS Biot in Sentences

Here is an example of "BTS Biot" being used in a conversation:
  • Simon: I'm going to dye my hair red like the guy on Squid Game!
  • Jo: BTS Biot.
  • Simon: You're blocked!

Example of BTS Biot Used in a Text

BTS Biot

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