What Does GDILF Mean?

GDILF means "Granddad I'd Like to F*ck."

GDILF is an acronym used with the meaning "Granddad I'd Like to F*ck" to describe an attractive, fit man whose children have children. Typically, GDILFs are aged 40-65, but both younger and older ones are common.

"Granddad I'd Like to F*ck" is sometimes abbreviated as GILF (which more usually means "Grandmother I'd Like to F*ck").

Just as with GILF, GMILF, and GDILF (which all refer to sexy grandparents), DILF ("Dad I'd Like to F*ck"), and SMILF ("Single Mother I'd Like to F*ck"), GDILF is based on the acronym MILF ("Mother I'd Like to F*ck"). Check out our MILF video here:

Summary of Key Points

"Granddad I'd Like to F*ck" is the most common definition for GDILF on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
Definition:Granddad I'd Like to F*ck
3: Guessable
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