What Does DLC Mean?

DLC means "Downloadable Content (Gaming Term)".

DLC is additional content that is released by a game's developer, which can be purchased online and downloaded to a gamer's PC or console.

DLC can include new levels, characters, weapons, outfits, storylines and campaigns. Many gamers consider DLC to be a welcome enhancement to a game, whilst many others feel that it is just a way for developers to make more money from players.

Summary of Key Points

"Downloadable Content" is the most common definition for DLC in gaming related communications on apps such as Discord, TeamSpeak and Telegram.
Definition:Downloadable Content
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Examples of DLC in Sentences

Here's an example of DLC being used in conversation: <
  • Stu: I'm loving this game!
  • Bill: Check out the latest DLC. There's a great new storyline.

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