What Does CFO Mean?

The CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is a senior executive whose job is to coordinate the financial, accounting and tax strategies to optimize the company's value. (It is not unusual for the CFO to have a seat on the company's board of directors.)

The CFO's main responsibilities are:
  • To create robust financial plans and to oversee the annual budgeting process.
  • To protect the shareholders' financial interests by balancing debt and equity and reducing capital costs.
  • To oversee the accounting and tax processes by planning ahead and ensuring accurate records are maintained.
  • To provide feedback on the company's performance to regulatory bodies and stakeholders.
  • To act as the personnel manager for the staff from the accounting, payroll, insurance, and financial-analysis departments.

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"Chief Finance Officer" is the most common definition for CFO on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
Definition:Chief Finance Officer
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When I write CFO, I mean this:

meaning of CFO
A CFO's job is to coordinate the financial, accounting and tax strategies to maximize company value.


Examples of CFO in Sentences

Here are examples of CFO being used in sentences:
  • Our CEO is also the CFO.
  • Please help the CFO with the financial risks register.

An Academic Look at CFO

CFO is used as a noun. When the term is expanded, it is a noun phrase based on the common noun Officer. The words Chief and Financial are attributive adjectives modifying Officer.

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