What Does QTE Mean?

QTE means Quick-Time Event in an online gaming context.

A QTE or Quick-Time Event is an onscreen prompt for the player to press a certain key (or keys) on the controller to make an event happen. For example, if a pot of gold were to suddenly appear with an "X" button icon above it, the player would be required to press the "X" button in order to open the pot of gold. Typically, this must be done before the "X" button icon disappears. (Often getting through a QTE involves pressing keys whose functions are different before the QTE is in play. Many QTEs are more difficult than simply pressing one key once. Some involve multiple presses, the combination of which can be complicated.

Some gamers consider QTEs to be a fun additions to gameplay, but, as a rule, they are not popular because they can break the flow of a game or force a player to repeat levels that culminate in a tricky QTE, which has little to do with the game skills.

Summary of Key Points

"Quick-Time Event" is the most common definition for QTE on online gaming forums.
Definition:Quick-Time Event
Type:Abbreviation (Initialism)
3: Guessable
Typical Users:
Adults and Teenagers


Examples of QTE in Sentences

Here is an example of QTE being used in an online conversation:
  • Jack: How are getting on with Level 2?
  • Tony: I can get to end every time. I just can't get past the QTE.
  • Jack: Yeah, annoying!

Example of QTE Used in a Text


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