What Does FPS Mean?

In a gaming context, FPS means "First-Person Shooter." In video displays (including video gaming), FPS means "Frames Per Second."

Here is more information about each of these definitions of FPS.

First-Person Shooter

In video gaming, first-person shooters (FPS) are a genre of shooting games in which players see the world through the eyes of their on-screen character.

In an FPS game, players can typically see their weapon of choice floating around on the screen in front of them. (Unlike in third person shooter (3PS) games, where players can see their character on the screen.)
first-person shooter view FPS games show the world through the eyes of the on-screen character.
Popular examples of FPS games include, Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield and Counter-Strike.

Frames Per Second

Frames per Second (FPS) is a common metric used to categorize video playback quality. It is the rate at which back to back images (i.e., "frames") appear in a video display and form the moving images.
frames per second is a measure of display rate. The higher the FPS, the better the image.
The rate of FPS is a measure of the number of frames consecutively displayed each second. Full-motion video is usually 24 FPS or greater. Different video formats have different FPS rates.

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When I write FPS, I mean this: meaning of FPS FPS is a genre of video game and a measure of image quality.

Summary of Key Points for First Definition

"First-Person Shooter" is the most common definition for FPS in online gaming.
Definition:First-Person Shooter
Type:Abbreviation (Initialism)
3: Guessable
Typical Users:
Adults and Teenagers

Summary of Key Points for Second Definition

"Frames Per Second" is another common definition for FPS.
Definition:Frames Per Second
Type:Abbreviation (Initialism)
3: Guessable
Typical Users:
Adults and Teenagers


Examples of FPS in Sentences

Here is an example of FPS being used in an online conversation:
  • Pam: I love FPS games!
  • Will: That's because you always beat me.

An Academic Look at FPS

Whether used with the meaning "First-Person Shooter" or "Frames Per Second," FPS is classified as an initialism abbreviation, as it is pronounced using its individual letters (i.e., "Eff Pee Ess").

Initialisms are different to acronyms, which are abbreviations spoken as words (e.g., LOL, NATO).

Example of FPS Used in a Text


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