What Does RETARDS Mean?

RETARDS means "Traders." RETARDS is an anagram of Traders. It is one the self-given titles to the users of WSB on Reddit.

The subreddit is known for its profane and juvenile nature, with members often referring to themselves as "autists," "retards," and "degenerates." They refer to themselves with these names to diminish liability when encouraging others to take gambles in the stock market. At the end of a post on WallStreetBets, you will often see the sentence:
    "This is not financial advice. I'm just a retard who likes the stock."

Summary of Key Points

"Traders" is the most common definition for RETARDS on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
5: Extremely difficult to guess
Typical Users:
Adults and Teenagers

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When I write RETARDS, I mean this:

RETARDS means Traders
RETARDS is an anagram of traders.


Examples of RETARDS in Sentences

Here are examples of RETARDS being used in conversations:
  • James: We're just a bunch of RETARDS who like the stock.
  • Kyle: Come to WallStreetBets and join us RETARDS.
  • Callum: What? That's an offensive term.
  • Kyle: No, you misunderstand. RETARDS is an anagram of traders.
  • Callum: Oh. Well, I still don't want to buy any stocks.

An Academic Look at RETARDS

RETARDS is an anagram of traders. Anagrams are words that share the same letters as each other.

Example of RETARDS Used in a Text


See Also

bagholder (someone whose trading position has severely dropped in value) dd (due diligence) diamond hands (someone who holds stocks or shares adamantly) gay bear (someone who expects a stock to decline, a stock shorter) gme (game stop stock) paper hands (someone who sells stocks or shares too early) stonks (stocks) tendies (gains or profits in stocks or shares)