What Does ILY Mean?

ILY means "I Love You". Be aware that the weight of ILY depends on the relationship between the sender and the recipient. ILY became popular in 2007 on MySpace. Through its overuse, ILY should not always be taken literally. It is sometimes used just to show affection, rather than actual love.

Of note, telling someone you love them for first time using ILY is probably not a good idea as it may not come across as heartfelt. (It's a little bit like texting "Will you marry me?")

Summary of Key Points

"I Love You" is the most common definition for ILY on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Definition:I Love You
1: Easy to guess
Typical Users:
Adults, Teenagers, and Under 13s

Image for ILY

When I write ILY, I mean this:

meaning of ILY
The image shows an intricate "I love you" decoration made from folded card.


Examples of ILY in Sentences

Here are examples of ILY being used in conversations:
  • Person A: ILY! Thank you for the flowers. They're beautiful.
  • Person B: Anything for you. I love you too.
  • Person A: I fixed the image. It should be transparent now.
  • Person B: You're such a good friend. ILY.

An Academic Look at ILY

ILY is a standalone declarative sentence (i.e., a statement).

Of note, ILY is an initialism abbreviation. Technically, this means it is pronounced using its individual letters (i.e., Aye Ell Why), but as this is harder to say than "I love you," it is not often uttered using its letters. In other words, the abbreviation ILY is for efficiency in writing and not efficiency in speech.

What Did We Used To Say?

Before the digital era, we would have just said "I love you" instead of ILY.

Example of ILY Used in a Text


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