Typical Users of Cyber Terms

Typical Users of Cyber Terms

Each entry in Cyber Definitions comes with our assessment on the most likely users of the term. The basis for our assessment was a survey of 15,004 people carried out during the spring of 2019. Since then, the entries have been updated using visitor interactions and observations by the Cyber Definition staff.

On each entry, you will see this graphic.

On the graphic, at least one of the personalities will be annotated with a green tick. The ones with the green ticks are the most common users in our assessment.

Here is a little more on our assessment criteria:
Specialists. The users employ the term to discuss matters in their specialist fields. Specialist users include, among others, computer programmers, military personnel, medical personnel, and amateur-radio enthusiasts.

Adults. The users are aged 20 and above. For the sake of being responsible, our assessment was deliberately biased towards placing terms relating to sex and drugs into the adult category. However, if our survey showed overwhelming teenager use of an adult-themed entry, it was credited to teenagers too.

Teenagers. The users are aged 13-19 (inclusive). Adult-themed entries (typically relating to sex or drugs) were not credited to teenagers unless there was an overwhelming use by teenagers in the survey.

Under 13s. The users are up to 13 (but not including 13). When considering this group, an average age of 8 should be envisaged (as opposed to, say, 12). Of note, most of those surveyed were below 10. This explains why most of the terms used by these users are quite simplistic.
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