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Guessability of Cyber Terms

Guessability of Cyber Terms

Each entry in Cyber Definitions comes with an indication of how likely your audience is to guess what it means if they haven't seen it before. As this is a subjective assessment, we have applied some strict caveats.

Guessability Levels

The levels are:

5: Extremely difficult to guess

4: Difficult to guess

3: Guessable

2: Quite easy to guess

1: Easy to guess

Caveats to the Guessability Levels

The caveats below were applied to the guessability levels.

The person receiving the message:
  • Understands the context of the conversation.
  • Is not a specialist in the field being discussed.
  • Has been active in the digital arena (e.g., texts regularly, uses Facebook, uses Twitter).
  • Has average mental agility.