What Does TEAM OWNER Mean in Microsoft Teams?

In Microsoft Teams, the term TEAM OWNER means a team member with enhanced privileges. TEAM OWNERs manage certain settings for the team, including:
  • The addition and deletion of team members and guests.
  • The assignation of permissions (to the entire team or to individual channels).
  • The addition, review, editing and maintenance of content.
  • Communication with and between team members.
  • The deletion of the team or specific channels when no longer needed.
There can (and should be) be multiple owners in a team.

Summary of Key Points

"Team Member With Enhanced Privileges" is the most common definition for TEAM OWNER on Microsoft Teams. Here is some more information about TEAM OWNER (TEAMS):
Definition:Team Member With Enhanced Privileges (Microsoft teams)
3: Guessable
Typical Users:

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