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Meaning of PONR

What Does PONR Mean?

PONR (Point Of No Return) is mostly used in a sexual context to describe a time at the end of intercourse or masturbation from which male ejaculation has become inevitable. (The final stokes or thrusts after the PONR are known as the vinegar strokes.)

PONR is also used in many other contexts. For example, an investment in a project can reach a PONR. "I have reached a PONR" effectively means "I am now fully committed."
Summary of Key Points

Definition for PONR

PONR means "Point of No Return". This is the most common definition for PONR on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Here is some more information about PONR:

Definition:Point of No Return
2: Quite easy to guess
Typical Users:
Adults and Teenagers
An Image for PONR
When I write PONR, I mean this:

meaning of PONR
The image shows a sign indicating the point of no return.

Examples of PONR in Sentences

Here is an example of PONR being used in a conversation:
  • Person A: I think condoms are safer than the withdrawal method because once I've reach the PONR, wild horses couldn't drag me off!
  • Person B: Get yourself down to the chemist then, young man.

An Academic Look at PONR

PONR is typically used as a noun (i.e., a naming word). For example:
  • We have reached the PONR. The only way down now is parachuting.
When PONR is expanded, it is a noun phrase based on the common noun Point. The remainder of the words are a prepositional phrase that modify Point.

Of note, PONR is an initialism abbreviation. This means it is pronounced using its individual letters (i.e., Pee Oh En Ar). (Initialisms contrast with acronyms, which are spoken like words.)

What Did We Used To Say?

Before the digital era, we might have said something like "there's no going back from here" instead of PONR.

Note: If you found this page by misspelling "porn", then I expect you'll be experiencing a PONR soon. ;)

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