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What Does PEBCAC Mean?

PEBCAC means "Problem Exists Between Chair and Computer". PEBCAC is another way of saying "human error". It is typically used by IT professionals to declare that the hardware and software are all working fine, but the operator (i.e., the user) is an idiot.
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Definition for PEBCAC

PEBCAC means "Problem Exists Between Chair and Computer". This is the most common definition for PEBCAC on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Here is some more information about PEBCAC:

Definition:Problem Exists Between Chair and Computer
3: Guessable
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Adults and Teenagers
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When I write PEBCAC, I mean this:

meaning of PEBCAC
PEBCAC means "user error".

Examples of PEBCAC in Sentences

Here are examples of PEBCAC being used in conversations:
  • Person A: My monitor wonít work on my computer.
  • Person B: PEBCAC. Try switching the monitor on.
  • (In other words: "It is the userís fault. The monitor is fine.")
  • Person A: Stupid computer! All my icons have become really big on the desktop.
  • Person B: PEBCAC. You have probably clicked something in settings by mistake.
  • (In other words: "It is not the computer that is the problem. It is you.")

An Academic Look at PEBCAC

PEBCAC is used as a standalone declarative sentence (i.e., a statement), which translates best as "The problem exists between the chair and the computer." Occasionally PEBCAC is used like a noun or an adjective. For example:
  • That is definitely a PEBCAC. Donít blame the computer.
  • (Here, PEBCAC is a noun.)
  • This is a PEBCAC issue.
  • (Here, PEBCAC is an adjective.)

What Did We Used To Say?

Before the digital era, we might have said something like "human error" or instead of PEBCAC.

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