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image for 14643, showing a the words I Will Always Love You on a heart-shaped chalkboard 14643 means "I will always love you." It is a numeronym, i.e., a creative use of numbers to represent words based on their letter count. In this case, "1" stands for "I", "4" represents the four letters in "will", "6" for "always", "4" again for "love", and "3" for "you." It is a succinct and cute way to convey a powerful message.

14643 is most often used during an ongoing relationship, but it is also used when a relationship ends. As with the other abbreviations associated with expressing love, 14643 can be interpreted as less sincere than actually saying or typing those "magic words." However, it can also express genuine heartfelt devotion. Context is key! For example:
  • Sam: You are the light of my life. 14643.
  • Ali: And you are my reason to live. 14643.
  • Jo: You are so special to me. 14643.
  • Bernie: Are you drunk again.
  • Chris: I'm sorry it has to end this way.
  • Lee: 14643.
I will always love you is also abbreviated as IWALU and IWALY.

Other Numeronyms Beginning With 14

Numeronyms beginning with 14 feature widely in declarations of love. There is the straightforward 143 ("I love you"), as well as many others, including:
  • 1432 - "I love you too."
  • 1434 - "I love you very much."
  • 143 637 - "I love you always and forever."
  • 1437 - "I love you forever."
For a full list of abbreviations using numbers, check out number-based definitions search page, and for a full list ways to express love, check out saying "I love you" online.

Image for 14643

When I write 14643, I mean this:

meaning of 14643

14643 is (probably!) a declaration of undying love.

Summary of Key Points

"I Will Always Love You" is the most common definition for 14643 in a message (particulary between lovers or on a dating site). Here's more:
Definition:I Will Always Love You
Type:Internet Slang Term
Guessability:guessability level 3

3: Guessable

Typical Users:typical user
Adults and Teenagers

An Academic Look at 14643

image for academic look, showing a teacher with a mortar board

14643 is a numeronym, which is a term made up of just numbers. Numeronyms were used long before the digital era. Many of the early numeronyms, were written on the envelopes of letters between lovers. They were often a coded message between the sender and the recipient, thought to allow secret expressions of love or passion.

Example of 14643 Used in a Text

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