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Meaning of TMI

What Does TMI Mean?

TMI means "Too Much Information". The abbreviation TMI is used in conversations when someone is giving more detail than is comfortable to hear or talking about subject which is cringeworthy.

When TMI is spoken it should be considered a cue to cease the current line of conversation and change the subject to something which makes the recipient less uncomfortable.
Summary of Key Points

Definition for TMI

TMI means "Too Much Information". This is the most common definition for TMI on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Here is some more information about TMI:

Definition:Too Much Information
2: Quite easy to guess
Typical Users:
Adults and Teenagers
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When I write TMI, I mean this:

meaning of TMI
TMI (Too Much Information) means "I don't want to hear anymore".

Examples of TMI in Sentences

Here are examples of TMI being used in conversations:
  • Chrissy: Your father and I shared our first kiss here.
  • Bret: Yuk. TMI Mum!
  • Joe: I was sick last night. Why does it always look like you've eaten carrots?
  • Steve: You are gross. TMI TMI for me.

An Academic Look at TMI

As it is pronounced using its individual letters (i.e., "Tee Emm Aye"), TMI is classified as an initialism abbreviation. Initialisms are different to acronyms, which are spoken like words. TMI can be used as a standalone declarative sentence (i.e., a statement). In other words, it is not always used as another part of speech within a wider sentence.

What Did We Used To Say?

Before the digital era, we might have said something like "Will you please desist" or "change the subject" instead of TMI.

A Text with TMI

Using TMI on a Cell Phone (SMS Texts, Whatsapp, and Yubl)


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