What Does S/O Mean?

S/O means "shout out" or "significant other." It is often typed as s/o and sometimes as SO. Here's more information about each of these definitions, with examples of use.

Shout Out

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In slang, a "shout out" (s/o) is an expression of acknowledgment or recognition given to someone in public or through a broadcast medium, like radio, television, social media, or during a live event. It's a way of showing appreciation, giving respect, or drawing attention to someone for their achievements, support, or presence. For example, during a concert, an artist might give a shout out to their fans for their support, or on social media, someone might give a shout out to a friend for their help with a project (usually by tagging them), highlighting their contribution and thanking them publicly.

  • "A big s/o to all of you ut there, for being there for me. I love you!"
  • "A special s/o to @tbr1005 for your help and support."

Significant Other

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S/O also means "significant other," which is a term used to describe a person's partner in an intimate relationship, without specifying the nature of the relationship. It encompasses boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, and any other form of long-term partnership where there is a significant level of commitment and emotional connection. The term is often used for its inclusivity and flexibility, allowing individuals to refer to their romantic partners in a respectful and serious manner without having to disclose the specifics of their relationship. For example:

  • "Do you have an s/o to bring to the party?"
  • "I said to my s/o, you're like a dictionary… you bring meaning to my life!"

Image for S/O

When I write S/O, I mean this:

meaning of S/O

"S/O can also mean "significant other."

Video Summarizing S/O

Here's a short video explaining how to use S/O:

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"Shout Out" is a common definition for s/o on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
Definition:Shout Out
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Adults and Teenagers

Summary of Key Points for Second Definition

"Significant Other" is another common definition for s/o
Definition:Significant Other
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Typical Users:typical user

Adults and Teenagers

An Academic Look at S/O

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In both meanings, s/o functions as a noun. When it means "shout out," it is a compound noun (i.e., a noun made up of more than one word). When it means "significant other," it is noun phrase comprising an adjective and a pronoun.

The phrase "shout out" is increasingly being written as one word, i.e., "shoutout."

Example of S/O Used in a Text

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