What Does Ibid Mean? (Using Ibid in Endnotes)

The term Ibid is short for ibidem, which is Latin for "in the same place". Ibid (usually written Ibid. or Ibid) is typically used in endnotes that provide citations and references. The term Ibid denotes that the source is the same as the one in the preceding footnote.

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"The Same Place (from the Latin "ibidem") " is the most common definition for IBID on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Definition:The Same Place (from the Latin "ibidem")
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When I write IBID, I mean this:

meaning of IBID
Ibid. means “the same reference as the one above.

An Example of Ibid in Endnotes

Here is an example of Ibid being used in endnotes:

1. Essinger, J. (1991, May 28). Just another tool of your trade. Accountancy 108, pp. 91-125.
2. Ibid.
3. Armstrong, P. and Keevil, S. (1991). Magnetic resonance imaging-2: Clinical uses. British Medical Journal 303(2), 105-109.
4. Ibid. , 110-112

An Academic Look at Ibid

Ibid is a contraction of ibidem. As the last letter of the contraction is not the same as the last letter of the full version, it is often written Ibid. (i.e., with a full stop / period). (NB: This is a UK convention. In the US, a contraction tends to be written with a period regardless of whether it shares its last letter with the full version. In other words, Americans will write Dr. Jones whereas Brits tend to write Dr Jones.